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  1. That intro is way too long (in Madonna voice)
  2. And now it's yours forever. Now it's very on topic huh
  3. It's because she was pregnant. Always take official statements with a grain of salt since every popstar has their own Olivia Pope
  4. Funny how you have like 45 comments in said topic tho
  5. Funny you mention attention seeking when you litterally quote every single person in the thread and each page there's 10 comments from you on every thread on the forum lol. At least I can control you by not giving you any platforms to ruin the thread by quoting everyone off topic nonsense. Can just use this forum for files and to discuss already existing topics. I thought I started a few interesting ones on page 2 but then you ruined them all by over posting and attention seeking ways and gearing the conversation away from the op topic. Like I said I will just keep you on ignore and not start threads for you to ruin
  6. These ray of light sounds so weird coming from this random group of random generic girls lol wonder if they even still have each other's phone number.
  7. There is not a delete and hide option so I didn't do that . Thanks ill be less cranky after my fast is done at 1. But also you did ask me to elaborate lol. I just won't make threads here since it works differently than other forums where people like to discuss the topic at hand. That's what I will do since I cannot control others. Simple 😎
  8. Conversation ended then. I'll stop making threads bye 😘
  9. Like why is Madame x gmayl American life hung up radio bans, Madonnas Instagram Sorrys charting performance, being talked about in here? It was supposed to be about American pie and the canceled superbowl. If someone wants to change the topic they can just create a new one and let the thread die
  10. Yes certain others have taken over and discussing other off topic eras that have nothing to do with the topic at hand and there is no hide button for threads. Quite annoying delete and hide!
  11. She sounds like mom from Evita to confessions. A girl until 1986 where she turned In to a woman with true blue
  12. Oh and love song is sexy and fun. Madonna fans are weirdos for always trashing it
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