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  1. that person was absolutely hideous and single handedly ruined the rio show. can't believe people actually stan that.
  2. so we just have to settle for mediocrity and sub par product because that is all there is?
  3. also, do you think chart position is the reason why she ignored this song for 30 years?
  4. it really should have been forbidden love over take a bow.
  5. the explanation makes no sense at all. Also, doesn't she have enough fans to assure at least some chart success? it's kinda interesting how none of her singles chart anymore. like where are the fans?
  6. I guess maybe the public just didn't like the song, isn't the commission of many remixes a sign of the label's commitment? it's a great single like what it feels like for a girl that also had a lot of mixes but didn't do well in charts.
  7. don't break your finger hitting the report button, sweetie. we know you have to.
  8. it's all been pretty much forgotten now, but the video was popular.
  9. https://youtu.be/GemwsucYb9A?si=UUN52KrJhW9KKsEE dont know if this was released in America, judst showing NRM as one of the looks of the video, just showing how people liked it.
  10. whatever, i've been a fan for 20 years, but the community has become a cult, and i will always think for myself.
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