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  1. Strange that she's talking up her sister, Paula, so much. I've been a fan since the beginning of her career and Paula was hardly ever mentioned by M or seen around her. I only remember Paula being on the Oprah Show and some short interviews on ET (or some similar shows) talking about her "modeling career." I don't think Christopher will play a big part in this movie. I hope she includes Debi Mazar and Erica Belle. I agree that this should be a prestige mini-series rather than a movie. Hey, Netflix or HBOMax, ya listening?
  2. Disappointing. They must have recorded vocals over Zoom. What a wasted opportunity.
  3. chle70

    Madame X Radio Anecdotes

    Found these clips from a couple of years ago. I merged them together. Thank you to @thetagpolice IG. Don't own any rights. Enjoy.
  4. I wonder if all of the guest stars actually went into a studio to records vocals or if it was done over the phone? If it's the latter, be prepared for some heavy Autotune. Yuck. Just hoping she sounds better than that voice over for Ariana's "God Is A Woman" video.