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  1. But she clearly pronounces não, unless hà is pronounced in the same way.
  2. Nicmag

    I believe what he says is 'Y allí nos quedamos, no, no'. Any other Spanish native can confirm?
  3. Nicmag

    I thought exactly the same xD
  4. Nicmag

    Thanks for your responses, guys!
  5. So, I read that she featured Dino D'Santiago (from Cape Verde) in the track, but then I read on YT that the singer featured was Kimi Djabaté (from Guinea Bissau). Anyone can offer some insight on this? I also read that he (whomever he is) sings in Portuguese, but that's not right, and I'm wondering what language that be. Would be cool to know the lyrics to his part to fully grasp the meaning of the track. Cheers, friends!
  6. Nicmag

    Thanks, groovyguy, for the effort and the work. What does that line mean anyway?
  7. Nicmag

    I will when European dates are released. I was hoping to see her in London anyway. Thanks for the info, babe.
  8. Nicmag

    Don't have an ICON membership. What are the prices, please?
  9. Nicmag

    How can it be in two different positions in Spain and in the Philippines? Looks fishy...
  10. Nicmag

    OMG!!!!! I really liked that!
  11. If you tell me it must be like that, it's fine. I just thought I had received a faulty copy. lol
  12. Just received my copy of LAV, but to my surprise, the back cover is printed upside down. WTF?!?!?!
  13. Yep. I got a shipping confirmation mail for each LP. I got one on 11 July (for LAV) and another one on 20 July (for WTG). I was given a track number in each of them. I go to Asendia's site, enter the tracking number and the last notification I get is 07/12/2018 08:17 In Transit To Carrier's US Operations Facility Folcroft Pa That's why I think I should contact Asendia. They're taking too long.
  14. I did order them but haven't arrived yet. Who sould I contact? B&N or the carrier?