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  1. Please, share the interior design of the digipack. And. aslo, wouldn't it be nice to have the same for every tour?
  2. Indeed. I didn't want to say anything about it, but I thought exactly the same when I first saw it. Really unprofessional.
  3. Well, the anouncement said it was to be broadcast... So, no need to wait for a leakage.1405
  4. Did anyone say they'll be periscoping? I can't have snapchat on my Windows Phone...
  5. What happened in the end to the summoning of the fans with tattoos?
  6. They are. It takes a little longer to be updated on YouTube though. So, the most accurate count is on vevo.com
  7. Nice you bring this song to discussion, since I'm translating M's songs into Spanish and there are a couple of lines I can't figure out. I hope you can help me: · He’s chillin’ in a pamper and a fur coat (Like, is he ACTUALLY wearing a pamper?) · They come with the rough stuff, boy we hit it, split it and forget it (I assume hit it, split it and forget it is when you have a one-night stand and you never call this person, but what does "They come with the rough stuff" mean?) · I flipped her from the top of my head, enough said (I suppose they're having a sexual intercourse, being her on top of him, and they change that position Am I right or is my mind too filthy?) . Just some that my souls about some girls I know (No fracking idea)
  8. The Beast Within: Positive 1: The live performance in TGS is flawless. Positive 2: You won't find a more mystic Madonna. Negative: I don't know why she kept the lines from Justify My Love. They don't match the rest. Next song: Like a Flower
  9. You sure? I thought people had to keep their profile picture with the ropes over the face until 14th Feb at 23.59 p,m. and then they'd be selected for the chat...
  10. Guys! I have this doubt... When was the "actual" chat on Grindr going to take place? If it has already, are there any news about it?
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