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  1. Nicmag

    So, this isn't finally happening in Europe?
  2. This was the original cover, right?
  3. Nicmag

    Is it for sale on her website, like the RHT tourbook?
  4. Nicmag

    You know what would be cool? Knowing the Creole lyrics to Ciao Bella and making full sense out of the song.
  5. This site contains some errors in the Spanish lyrics, not sure about the Portuguese ones.
  6. Nicmag

    I finally received my clear vinyl from the official store yesterday. I also bought today the only copy of the rainbow vinyl at fnac in my city. I freaked out when I saw it.
  7. Another point for those complaining about the narrative being backwards. Have you ever wondered how a victim of a tragic event remembers what has happened to them? My guess is they remember the event per se and, after making a big effort, they start remembering what had happened before. And I'm saying this out of respect and sympathy to all those who have gone through such a hell.
  8. Already reached one million views. I think they're holding 'em back. BTW #21 on video trends in Spain
  9. Steal your neighbours' wifi xD
  10. On top of that, getting the shootings at the beginning of the video is what shocks people the most. You don't expect them to be so soon. Seen a couple reactions videos and they all react the same way. If it'd been in chronological order, we'd all know what the ending would be. Any of you has seen Memento in chronological order? Happens to be boring to tears.
  11. But she does also write We lost gun control BTW, what about that poster? Ain't it ironic?
  12. I thought the choir sang 'We lost God control'. But now, while listening to it through my earphones and reading the kids' lips at the same time I seem to understand 'We've lost gun control'. What do you think? By the way, this is what I was expecting, something really shocking. I personally don't mind if the song has cuts to make the story more dramatic.
  13. Nicmag

    Didn't like season 5. Period. I didn't feel that bitter taste that every other episode left me with.
  14. Nicmag

    Where are the lyrics to Rebel Heart and Madame X on her website anyway?
  15. Nicmag

    I got a confirmation email for the clear vinyl with the tracking number, but no link to the company shipping the item. Any idea which that may be, guys?