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  1. so, Youtube removed the Erotica from the Warner channel because it volated their terms of service...

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    2. char


      @blankFormatted its back on there. It wasn't on there earlier so they must have just posted it.

    3. manoba


      360p quality. How sad in 2017.

    4. wtg1987


      Thats the same quality as the celebration dvd then ? ha ha :)

  2. Even though i'm not buying this under any circumstance, this whole aldodiaz situation is ridiculous. How his "artwork" is getting exposure from Madonna is beyond me. Anyway...
  3. it's not even apples and oranges, it's more like diamonds and shit.
  4. did I mention Frank really is the sweetest guy ? :)

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    2. ITG


      you forgot to mention cute too!

    3. InfinityWithin


      "You're givin' it to me, boy, keep givin' me..."


      Yes, he is! YOU ARE, FRANK!!!

    4. char


      he seems really nice. i've never spoke to him. but i really believe everyone on the forum is sweet :)

  5. Merry Christmas everybody

    1. char


      merry christmas to you also

    2. moloko


      merry christmas :)


    3. Frank


      Feliz Navidad hon!!! â¤

  6. Some things never change, do they ?

  7. It's an illusion, I don't care

  8. The Paul Andrews Reconstruction Mix actually sounds rather interesting.
  9. Ghosttown is not charting on iTunes France, but LFL is #1, 4 Minutes is #58 and GI2M is #91 https://www.apple.com/fr/itunes/charts/music-videos/
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