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  1. blondebombshell

    when not watching madonna or retro. watching court tv now its kellen winslow jr started today 5/20/19.
  2. does anyone know when and if crave is going to have a official music video. thanks in advance. 

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    2. blondebombshell
    3. Bitch I’m Madonna

      Bitch I’m Madonna

      Shared it but the mods closed/deleted the thread :(

    4. LindebergBoy


      Of course we downloaded it. ;)

  3. blondebombshell

    really good
  4. blondebombshell

    this was good. Still not as good as the original.
  5. blondebombshell

    Can't wait. such a great show.
  6. blondebombshell

    watched this so sad about the baby so grateful they found the father and mother guilty. on the new court tv channel Over The Air.
  7. So beautiful she reminds me of a young Elizabeth Taylor. Very Glamorous.
  8. blondebombshell

    congratulations to the ones that won.
  9. blondebombshell

    can't wait to hear this. love the verses.
  10. blondebombshell

    loving this photo. Can't wait for the first night. Hoping someone nice posts a video from cell phone. I think it would be fun if she tells stories also. I can see her later on in her career doing stand up.
  11. blondebombshell

    Can't wait for this. Really i'm so anxious for the full new album.
  12. blondebombshell

    In the movie 9 1/2 weeks John taylor doesn't sing the song its a woman seriously in the beginning of the song it sounds like grace. Wish she would've done the song. If it wasn't her. Love john taylor i really don't understand why john didn't do the song in the movie. just my opinion.
  13. blondebombshell

  14. blondebombshell

    congratulations to the winners on the 8th.
  15. blondebombshell

    Sorry this is bigger font but too lazy to re type it This is the actual Arby's Chicken Salad Sandwich recipe from the restaurant. This is a scaled down version, so I'm guessing on serving sizes. You may need to have more bread and lettuce on hand. Meat 8 oz Chicken breasts, cooked Produce 4 oz Apples 2 oz Celery 4 oz Grapes, red seedless 2 Lettuce, leaves Condiments 8 oz Mayonnaise Nuts & Seeds 2 oz Pecans Bread & Baked Goods 4 slices Honey-wheat bread, thick