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  1. blondebombshell

  2. blondebombshell

    thanks so much everyone i was wondering the same thing about being able to watch it without MTV.
  3. blondebombshell

    trying to save money so i no longer have cable tv. I hope she also posts on youtube the video on wednesday. I'll be anxious to see the different looks in the video. Can't wait.
  4. blondebombshell

    Hope its okay to post the same madonna song. I'm literally still listening to this song. love it
  5. blondebombshell

    wishing you all a wonderful birthday.
  6. blondebombshell

    i am addicted to it. Can't turn my computer off listening. Can't wait for the all album release.
  7. blondebombshell

    Amazing (slow down papi)
  8. blondebombshell

    the song is amazing. Loving all covers but the dark short hair one is my all time favorite. So happy for new music. I don't know what i was thinking but thought the music video was going to be released today.
  9. @FighterI'm having problems didn't know if this is normal maybe with it being so busy. Thanks in advance. something went wrong Error Code EX145

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    2. Fighter


      Yes I'm trying to fix it, there was a crash earlier from the high traffic 

    3. Fighter


      I think I fixed everything now, let me know if there are any problems :) 

    4. blondebombshell


      @Fighterits working now. Thanks sweetie :)

  10. blondebombshell

    this is everything. Wishing she would release the full music video for this.
  11. blondebombshell

    please I want in also
  12. blondebombshell

  13. blondebombshell

  14. blondebombshell