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  1. I thought this was pretty cool even though bert stern is dead. Wish i knew what he thought of the shoot. That his trust posted some older photos of madonna he did in 1984 then the one i like most if it was a outtake. with no filter. they must have liked it too.
  2. it would be really good if we could see skin. This photo you can't even see her tongue.
  3. I love all the photos but i don't care for this one. Its like she's making fun of marilyn monroe with all the pills. Marilyn had insomnia and when your on medication for a long time you have to take more due to your tolerance going up. This would've been a stunning photo if it wasn't for all the pills and set up like monroe's death. Meisel was so good on recreating monroe. I hope i don't offend anyone but it really terrified me.
  4. I was really hoping when she was recreating the Bert stern 1962 pearls and sparkles she would do it like Marilyn no gloves her makeup & hair is flawless. Wonder if the subscribers only cover is the only one with these photos in them. really do love them.
  5. The main reason I got a Maltese sadly passed away was Marilyn having a Maltese terrier and this video with Madonna with a Maltese in the baby buggey
  6. I love her channeling marilyn also. I grew up loving the 90s I edited the response so much glad you keep the original one.
  7. Edited It would've had to been negatives if it was contact sheets he could've printed them all. It was either scissors or a hair pin and she started destroying half of them. that she hated. I read or watched a interview of Lawrence Schiller saying this wishing he hadn't gave them all to her. Bert Stern didn't give them all to her so that's why he has so many but some with x's.
  8. Marilyn was very hard on herself. The only thing i could see that was wrong with her photos that she Xed out was her eyeliner in some of the photos was smudged. But i still thought she looked good. She was supposed to have approval before they we're printed. Some of my favorite photos are from Lawrence Schiller from the unfinished film Something's Got To Give. She actually was in the car with him and scratched them so bad he couldn't print them and he gave her all of them to look at. I hate to say it I wish he hadn't if you look up something's got to give the pool scene you'll soon see how beautiful she looked. Would've loved to seen them all. Marilyn fans are so anxious to see this cover of madonna. I can't wait. & madonna was a fan of marilyn also.
  9. I agree with you I can see using Photoshop on red eyes or scratches on photos I just prefer to see real skin btw I love your Tumblr page
  10. I didn't know that love the untouched photo. I should've known there was photo editing. Marilyn marked X's and scratched with hair pins on some of Bert Stern's photos of her. And he actually removed the X's and hair pin scratches then published the x's of the ones she didn't like. Which i thought was rude but still there some of the best photos we all have of monroe. So it would've had to been photo editing. You used to be able to tell if a photo on a woman at least was touched up because all women have peach fuzz and if you don't see that then it must be touched up now since dermaplaning. you can't tell except its just a very blurry photo.
  11. I hope it's a untouched cover I think that's why we miss outtakes I wish they didn't have Photoshop like in the 60s
  12. I don't like the feeling it makes me feel as if I'm looking at myself and can't move it effects people different it's most definitely a downer
  13. This is the last photo of marilyn ever taken before her death which explains madonna's hair scarf.
  14. Marilyn Monroe's last photoshoot was George Barris. July 13, 1962. Bert Stern's was taken late June 1962. I'm obsessed with marilyn anything 1960's my favorite years.
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