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  1. I'll probably make alot of people mad but i have to say that if she wants her butt big its her body and we should let her do what makes her happy. I'm just thankful we have her. I was thrilled with the performance at pride. I will no longer say if i don't like a performance. If it wasn't for her music & marilyn's movies during high school i would be dead. I'm not trying to play victim. But i just wish we would all love her. I saw somewhere that fans are really insulting her lately. And they think there fans cause they collect stuff. But true fans just love and support her. That's what i'm doing from know on. I love her and don't want her to go anywhere. I'm not trying to offend anyone. But i've been guilty of insulting her during the maluma performance and she did the best she could.
  2. I've got everybody remix on my cell phone ringer I'll be glad when the other ones are released
  3. thought this was really cool that pink tweeted this. I'm sure alot of you have seen it thought i would post it. 


    pinks tweet june 25th.jpg

    1. Velvet Rope

      Velvet Rope

      That's why I love her.

    2. DrunkBySix


      Pink is a cool lady. She doesn't get into the bullshit - she just gets straight to the point.

  4. was press not allowed to be there. I just looked on & there's no photos on any place
  5. I think its this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOwnfRK3Ehs
  6. Does anyone know where you can find the speeches she made the performance was really good i loved this. thanks for sharing a good quality @jesus
  7. this is amazing Please @Frankupload these great performances if you can. Love her look and her performances
  8. is this is a real photo i love her hair. I hope when it starts someone will video tape it if its not aired. I'll be really sad if she doesn't air anything.
  9. I'll be shocked if she doesn't play i rise. i love it
  10. I would've loved to have gone but in my area with gas prices i think we're close to a recession. In my area
  11. mine its kindly like yours except a darker blonde.
  12. the only person that she has attacked back in the 90's they asked her if she was jealous of Joan Collins and Warren Beatty and she said no have you seen her lately. Other than that i think all the other people can take care of themselves. I just hate for older women to be attacked. Just my opinion.
  13. Pride Month LGBTQ June  1rst - June  30th United States

  14. I wish someone had these in UHQ. i really wanted to use the one with sunglasses as a avatar and it says its a avif file
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