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  1. I'll be glad for January the 20th when they throw Trump out of the white house with his kids. If he would've been elected none of this fraud would be talked about. Also we knew he was going to do this if he didn't win. He only wants the places he lost counted not the ones he won. Should tell us something. He's the worse president in history. We have people dying of covid and he's on twitter tweeting about a election he lost instead of doing anything about the virus. just my opinion.
  2. transgender day of remembrance 11/20/20

    1. Fighter


      omg hi!!!!!!!! it's been a while :rainbow::heart:

    2. char


      Hi sweetie hope your doing well. I'm hooked on cnn. and can't quit  watching. hugs char 

    3. Fighter
  3. I'm so sorry about your grandmother @Enrico
  4. @Ayhamso sorry to hear about your dad. Praying & sending well wishes for him to get well soon. big hugs to you
  5. Wishing you a wonderful birthday @ScottyX on your special day
  6. Your so lucky @ScottyX, In my opinion no other tour can compare. Just loved that era.
  7. best tour to date. best performance Express Yourself
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