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  1. true magic thanks whoever shared this great gem
  2. char

    I'm so sorry about your grandmother @Enrico
  3. char

    @Ayhamso sorry to hear about your dad. Praying & sending well wishes for him to get well soon. big hugs to you
  4. char

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday @ScottyX on your special day
  5. char

    Your so lucky @ScottyX, In my opinion no other tour can compare. Just loved that era.
  6. char

    best tour to date. best performance Express Yourself
  7. char

    Crazy For You
  8. I don't think it will ever be the same without a cure. I know i've heard this could go on a couple of months. Staying at home. Hopefully not but at the same time hope they wait til a cure or we'll start back from day 1.
  9. char

    The Danish Girl