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  1. H&M was huge in Italy, Material Girl was ISA based only I believe (and out of most of her fans target).
  2. He was the webmaster of Madonnarama and has contact at Warner/Rhino (they gave him vinyl etc for prizes for his Madonna parties and he knew about the Celebration vinyl reissue months before it happened).
  3. Can’t wait for Madame X part 2! Just the reaction in here would be worth it! 🤣
  4. Mirwais is amazing, yes to a new Mirwais album! I would love another Stuart Price album too (but not Confessions Part 2 thank you very much).
  5. He’s aware I believe. Also we know Hollywood was a track from the Music session that went in different stages before the track we know.
  6. So Mirwais did a Q&A on his Instagram Stories and he of course talked about Madonna. The most interesting things: -His fav Madonna collaboration is American Life (song). -He would love to do an updated American Life (album). -Can’t You See My Mind is different from Die Another Day and it’s NOT a ballad. -His fav Madonna production is Die Another Day. -It’s true that the first version of X-Static Process was electro. -There are some unreleased songs. -He learned patience from Madonna and she learned patience from him. -There’s a version of Paradise with Letitia Casta (recorded before Madonna entered the picture) but Madonna changed it and her version is the best version of the song. -He would love to work with her again.
  7. She’s been her stylist for years now. I was joking since people here also think Ricardo is the one that tell her what to wear for his pictures.
  8. Still more interesting than this reductive shit. Bye! On ignore!
  9. M, stay away from this trash! Horrible song (sounds like a slower version of Stupid Love by Gaga) and video (the usual idiotic Katy stuff).
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