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  1. From the latest issue of “Technikart” (thanks to Madonnatribe/News Of Madonna). Can someone please translate it?
  2. Let’s not act like Madonna shares on her own social media this digital uploads, I believe she did it twice. She didn’t even mention the Ray Of Light single or Has To Be. So it sounds quite stupid this “request”. It’s a digital single of a single released 40 years ago with NOTHING new. Hardly a groundbreaking release.
  3. Well Rhino started the rumour about BS since they posted the Velvet edition. About Madonna’s 40th this summer.. it’s happening.
  4. I really like the POG mixes. Her worst single when we had most trash remixes from MDNA and Rebel Heart?
  5. The Veronica Electronica album was scrapped as she started working on Music. The plans were to release it at the end of 1998, but the album was still selling so it was pushed back to 1999 but by the end of that year she was already working on Music as she was already bored with the whole Ray Of Light project.
  6. There were promo grey t-shirts at the time. Also the inside of the Japanese vinyl is grey
  7. FEL Box Set, RSD 2022, Erotica Picture Disc and Everybody 40th.. It started in 2022.
  8. Another book from them in that horrible and pointless format. Thank God I’m not tempted to buy it, I even sold the first one they did. It’s a shame the can’t release a normal book with those stunning pictures along with a more “arty” version.
  9. Since I have the original I’m glad they are releasing something new!
  10. This is Madonna, not some local artist. It will be released worldwide.
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