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  1. The ASS looks a little better now than at the New Year event, still too big for her body though. It looks more like the December 2016 version. I’m still fascinated by it, because I really can’t understand why she did it since it doesn’t look good. I mean, the first fake version in 2012 was enough. P.S: I’m talking about her ass while streaming Finally Enough Love.
  2. Well let’s wait for the first real deluxe, I just think what’s the point of “personal curated” albums by Madonna if she’s gonna include only a selection of remixes? We’ll see.
  3. The Pet Shop Boys Remix is in the 50 tracks compilation. Also personally the last great Remix era was Confessions, things went off from Hard Candy (but there are some brood mixes from that era). Madame X is a return to form,, basically all the remixes are great!
  4. Because some people are stuck in 2005. It’s the usual story,
  5. The fact some of you think the fake ass is a “recent” thing when it was already fake back in 2012 (smaller yes, but still not real). Also the breath thing..Madonna always had breathing issues while singing live. Have you forgotten most of the 1998 performances? It’s not a figure or corset thing 😂 Some of you act like she was this powerful incredible vocalist before. Also, Celine Dion, Mariah etc lip sync too. And they don’t put a Madonna show.
  6. It’s always on display, so she’s probably happy with it. Do I like it? No, but it’s her body and her choice.
  7. She sounded great in Celebration, more than in 2012 (where it was even less live). I don’t see the problem with her vocals? The show the other night was not about “vocals” at all anyway.
  8. You level is already low darling, just read the stuff you write over and over again. Why are you still here? You don’t like her? GO AWAY.
  9. She was 50 in the first video. 54 in the second. 57 in the third video. And let’s get real, Brixton in 2000 wasn’t that different. She’s 64 now and had major surgery just last year. It makes me sad reading bullishit like this on a day like today.
  10. she had backing tracks on the Rebel Heart Tour too
  11. Celebration sounds totally live in the verses https://www.instagram.com/reel/CfLcz69gzHb/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  12. Oh I am, but I have doubts about half of the people in here 😂
  13. Maybe because her loyal fans now think she’s mental, embarrassing and over? 😂
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