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  1. cosmic_system

    Billboard also has a confirmation but I can't read what they are saying about Warner, since it's only for subscriber
  2. cosmic_system

  3. cosmic_system

    "Can't You See My Mind" is probalby my most wanted unreleased. Same for "The Process" .
  4. cosmic_system

    I love them and back in the 90s I really couldn't care less about audio quality. When I saw my store in my litte town with ALL THOSE SINGLES I cried. It was a great time to be a fan. I have all of them and very happy about it.
  5. cosmic_system

    How many people knew about Your Honesty for example? I'm actually more interested in the stuff she did with Pettibone for Bedtime Stories and the demos from American Life rather than the stuff from the 80s (the demos Pat shared from LAP are nice and everything but they don't have much reply value for me). Of course I would love to hear the third song from Vision Quest and the second song from Susan. From the LAP session I really wanna hear Just A Dream and I would also love an HQ version of Each Time. Do you think we have most of the stuff from ROL and Music?
  6. cosmic_system

    I’m in Italy, so it’s £15.
  7. cosmic_system

    If I buy it from the UK store I’m not gonna pay customs and shipping is £15 not €70. smart ass. And calm the fuck down since nobody is attacking your “fragile selves”.
  8. cosmic_system

    It's sold for $145 on ebay, from the US. And for us in Europe they requested additional $70 and god knows how much at costume. But hey, you can keep complaing.
  9. cosmic_system

    Limited edition special editions coffee table books are expensive. This one it’s not even one of the most expensive. Nobody’s forcing you to buy it.
  10. cosmic_system

    All of you shocked by the price should visit Taschen’s website.
  11. cosmic_system

    Well Janet's tour book is $175 ($600 signed). I'm not justify Madonna's team beheaviour (Madonna probably has no idea they're selling this book) but let's not act like this is an out of the world situation. It's not, and it's the price asked at the Pop Up Shop. At least this will lower the autrageous prices on Ebay (with shipping it's going to cost the same on Ebay or actually more even if the book's price is lower).
  12. Warner can release only resissues without her approval, that's why we got all the colored vinyls and resissues of the japanese editios etc. They can't release a box set with unrelesead stuff, new cover art etc without her signature.
  13. They are rekeasing both soundtracks.
  14. cosmic_system

    The french government already said it. If some fans are living under a rock, they should wake up.
  15. cosmic_system

    It’s bullshit, she clearly loves the show.