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  1. cosmic_system

    Madonnatribe also reported last week that the Reissue is coming around april 2020 (also a RSD month).
  2. cosmic_system

    As far as I know Madonna wanted that photoshoot for the cover story, it was still unpublished in Italy. Inside some pictures that were in black and white on Bazaar are in color.
  3. Becase I saw a picture from the bookle and that photo is there.
  4. Yes it's in the deluxe booklet.
  5. cosmic_system

    People, that ONE review said it was her Bohemian Rhapsody because the song had different moments a tempos and a classical piece in the middle of it. They never said it SOUNDED like Bohemian Rhapsody.
  6. cosmic_system

    I agree with the first part, I don't agree about the quality of the works though. I beelive people project the great success she had back then with the qualiy of the work. Her work was great then and is still great. I personally love Confessions, for example, but Madame X is shaping to be waaay better for me than that album. I love every single track she released, especailly Crave and Dark Ballet.
  7. cosmic_system

    Nobody said Hung Up is a bad song. It's just a catchy song, not even the best song on Confessions. But since Hard Candy every fan not on board with the latest Madonna direction usually says "she lost it after Confessions". So it's a good example of a song everybody loves.
  8. cosmic_system

    I said THIS FORUM. And yes, I was on Madonnarama thank you very much. Also Madonnamad, Tribe etc.
  9. cosmic_system

    I'm not offending people. I find offensive the attacks the song gets though. I love Hung Up, but if people are still stuck on that album/sound after 14 years..well, they clearly have a huge problem with Madonna. It's ok, move on, just don't rain on our parade with depressing and negative posts. People don't like the song becasue it's not "catchy"? Are you kidding me? Is this a Madonna forum or a Tylor Swift forum?
  10. cosmic_system

    Thank god this forum wasn't around when Ray Of Light/Music/American Life were released. Can you imagine the reactions to songs like Impressive Instant, Mer Girl, Paradise, Nobody Knows Me etc? MESS/WEIRD/NOT CATCHY/BORING. My God. Thank you Madonna for always doing your thing and not listening to your "fans" that clearly still don't get you and your work. People, go and listen to Hung Up.
  11. cosmic_system

    So, the song is out. I NEED IT!
  12. cosmic_system

    The HMV/Fnac and japanese standard edition are the same as the Target edition.
  13. Yes please, I need a copy too. It's already on ebay but shipping to Europe is a joke. If someone is interested I can get Vanity Fair italy, coming probably next week.
  14. cosmic_system

    Oh yes, Madonna was never an ally of the LGBTQ community before last month. Oh shut UP.