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  1. Yep I bought the bomber and L was perfect for me. Thank you about the hoodie! Looks great!
  2. Ok so it’s not that over? I wanted (and got) the bomber over but I want a normal hoodie. Should I buy an M (my usual size)? I bought a tshirt L and it was so big I already sold it!
  3. The bomber is just €280 in Amsterdam. The rest of the merch has the same prices. I wonder why.
  4. Well maybe it was postponed for a couple of shows or something like that. But more than 1 month into the tour it was available.
  5. The Confessions tour book was on sale at the show.
  6. Found them on Instagram but thank you!
  7. Can someone please show me a picture of the black sweater?A real picture, not the one on the website. Especially the back image? I saw it in Milan but I wasn’t interested but now I am! 😂 How’s the quality of the print? How’s the fit?Thanks in advance.
  8. Yes I don’t see the big deal, it’s the list of cities. It’s not like there are actual dates on it.
  9. They were never on sale at the tour, same for the Like A Prayer long sleeve shirt.
  10. Finally received the bomber jacket from the US store and I’m so glad I bought an L even if I’m usually an M, it’s perfect! Not too oversize and not too tight, it fits like it should! Quality is really great.
  11. Well if you NEVER bought apparel with M what’s the issue? 😂
  12. That’s true, but merch prices are like that for most big artists (t-shirts are usually €40/€45 and they used to be €30/€35 not long ago).
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