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  1. What a great track. It’s very Neptunes 2001 and she sounds incredible.
  2. He did nothing to me, I’m here for the music and not the person.
  3. Of course no. It would be all over the forum if there was a real news about it.
  4. The Weekend was totally right about the whole Grammy shit. His albums are absolutely amazing (since day 1). Well she always said the wanted to work with Timbaland and and Pharell because she was obsessed with Britney and Justin back then, just like she was obsessed with a certain sound before Ray Of Ligtht. How true who knows, she always said she wanted to work with Dr Dre and stuff. I really believe at this point in time she’s just doing what she wants, Madame X is a clear example.
  5. Guys it was always clear to me she wanted to work with him because of The Weeknd songs and not Baby One More Time.
  6. Most people do of every age Vinyl records outsell CDs for first time in decades https://www.bbc.com/news/64919126.amp
  7. Because it’s the best selling format. Why do you think? Again we said it already many times. There are some artists that just release new albums only on digital and vinyl. Vinyl records outsell CDs for first time in decades https://www.bbc.com/news/64919126.amp
  8. Probably the second option and only in that store. Why? Who knows.
  9. If you think that’s aggressive… I’m just over people thinking everything is shit, complaining non stop etc. We had a couple of lovely days here taking about MUSIC but no, we need to go back to the negative vibes.
  10. The original IC versione of Borderline and Lucky Star were NEVER released on digital. This is the Immaculate Collection version that was put on digital back in 2005. Anyway if this is a lame reissue, why do you care? You want the original IC? Listen to the cd/cassette/vinyl or find a digital rip of the cd.
  11. Not lousy if that’s what she wants. Kate Bush did the same with “A Big Sky” on Hounds Of Love. She replaced the album version with a remix on the remastered version.
  12. Because a shop in San Francisco was selling it it on RSD.
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