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  1. I took the time to read all the album credits and officially she's only credited with cowbell in Holiday and acoustic guitar in Falling Free.
  2. Bad Girl Lucky Star ot Little Star?
  3. Looks really amazing! I really hope her team gets us a decent 30 anniversary reissue, like U2 did for Achtung Baby back in 2011. Imagine having a 1CD, a 2CD, a 2CD+DVD, and different boxsets for the 30 years of Erotica. I know I'm asking a bit to much to what she got us accostumed, and I'm ready to be disappointed, but I can still dream. Like a Prayer 30 was just a compilation of remixes.
  4. Human Nature Dress You Up or Into the Groove?
  5. someone mentioned it already, but yes, Kevin Antunes as lead music director for her last 4 tours. It takes away the "live" sound experience from her shows. He has said he prefers to sample from the original steams and tapes to "respect the producer's original intention" but dude, I don't pay for a live show to hear exactle the song as on the album. I wanna hear real drums, real guitar, a real bass. I believe the only moment with real instrumentation on the Rebel Heart show was the title track. the Madame X shows had this hybrid thing that kinda worked in some tracks and didn't in others. but she deserves a real band with a real live sound.
  6. You'll See Give Me All Your Luvin' or B-day Song?
  7. this was maybe the best she did, it would have came back to haunt her to these days, and her detractors would still use it. I can't imagine myself defending her for that.
  8. I would focus on some lead single choices. I keep thinking the 00s and 10s albums had the wrong song chosen to lead promotion (except for Confessions on a Dance Floor and Hard Candy). American Life should have had "Intervention" as the first single, MDNA should have been "Girl Gone Wild" instead of the mess that was GMAYL, Rebel Heart could have been perfect first presented with "Body Shop", and all the Madame X concept is encapsulated in "Batuka", "Medellín" should have been 2nd. and yes, Instagram, as she is handling it, is a mistake. she could still have opened it and keep the mistique, have it managed by her team to make announcements or celebrate release anniversaries. look at what U2 has done there for example. speaking of U2, their and M's manager. her biggest mistake.
  9. why is it that fans sometimes have better ideas than her own team?
  10. I'm relaly loving this idea! The Celebration project had so much potential and I feel it didn't really meet some expectations, but on the other side, it was nice to see a good compilation of her hits. This tracklist really fits an ideal selection.
  11. dear jessie. die another day or american life?
  12. honestly? I don't even wanna try, I won't give my money to a cheap cashgrab. By information on the covers of the LPs I have seen in front of me, these "live" shows are mostly FM broadcasts, then YouTube rips transfered to vinyl. if that gives you an idea.
  13. here in Chile it's the same thing, I'm seeing those bootleg fake LPs everywhere
  14. writing from Chile! I haven't had the time to listen to it, but it really looks promising! I really love how the Latin American community keeps growing and growing <3 and Santa Madonna is really the perfect name. PS: I remember a radio special for her 50th birthday where local musicians talked about her influence on them and their work, it was called Te Lo Juro por Madonna.
  15. ~ American Life was definitely underrated when released, and it's still being looked over by most critics and general audience. ~ I expected more tracks from AL on the Madame X show since she said its album was a continuation of that one, I feel so many other songs could have fitted the storyline. ~ The first single from American Life should have been Intervention, and then Hollywood. ~ Madame X had the potential to become a conceptual album, the first tearer gave me that idea, instead we got a collection of standard songs not connected to each other with a nice artwork. I cannot see the story of "a spy in the house of love" in that album, not even rearranging the tracklist. she could have had that story. ~ The first single from Madame X should have been Batuka, with the same video, and then later, Medellín. ~ MDNA was a bit overproduced but it still feels as one of her most honest albums. Falling Free is the best album closer she's ever had. ~ The triangle pit on The MDNA Tour was not a really good idea. it worked on paper, it had worked on other tours (see the Elevation Tour by U2, first show ever to have a pit) but it was not well excecuted here. Had i have given the change, I'd rather choose to stay on the tip of the triangle, outside of it, to appreciate the entire show, instead of turning my back to the stage and miss what's going on there just to see her back when she's on the B stage. ~ Her latest MTV appearance was more cringe than anything. I get it, she's free to do whatever she wants, but come on. ~ I'd love to see an acoustic tour or something closer as what Tears of a Clown was instead of intricate stages, screens all opver and exhausting dance routines. I want a show focused on the music. I wanna see M the singer and musician instead of M the showwoman. ~ When the Madame X show was announced with residences in few cities, I expected the setlist to be way more flexible, so the possibility of adding new songs each night became real, and keep the surprise element to the audience. ~ I enjoy her later albums way more than her earlier, but her debut is one of the best things she's ever made. ~ M and Mirwaïs have together created her best and most experimental songs. I have friends that don't listen to her often/only know her biggest radio hits, and they're all amazed by those songs.
  16. I only have all 14 Studio albums, and the first 3 live CD+DVD albums, plus 12 of the 14 albums on LP. I keep them on the living room with the rest of my music collection because the record player is right there. sunlight never ever gets to that point so i don't have to worry. I do want to frame an official Rebel Heart Tour poster I got and place it in a room i'm turning into an office.
  17. THIS is the part that literally breaks me, turns the entire outro into something so sad, like, there's nothing left to say or fight for.
  18. there's so many but out of the top of my head: ~ the MDNA MDNA chant at the end of I'm Addicted ~ the moment there's two voices armonizing and sounding alsmot robotically on Falling Free, and her delivery when she sings the title i will remember more for sure. OH, the Vogue sample in Holy Water, right after the synth crescendo
  19. Here's the original picture, it's the highest quality I could google. According to metadata on the picture, it was taken on 23 November 2019, the second to last show in Los Angeles.
  20. U2 fans get the IEM audio of their shows all the time, from most venues, not just Tokyo.. And yes, most time is someone getting into the airwave and recording it.
  21. Jump is the song I go when I feel some big changes come into my life, or when I need motivation to make them happen.
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