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  1. demos are interesting but it's easy to be biased about them as they are rare and feel more personal as we know the casuals and general public don't hear them so they become "ours" as fans
  2. the 1 cd uk and 2 cd uk version (european version i presume) the 6lp version is tempting but i just don't do vinyl anymore kind of wish we had a special edition 4 cd version with some rarely rare stuff like the still never been released on cd or digital 7" remix edit of open your heart and i'd love some of the incredible tour remixes stuart price did from drowned world tour to confessions
  3. has anyone found any errors in the tracklist yet or pops and clicks and the tracks and spelling mistakes. it wouldn't be warner if they didn't feck it all up
  4. Has anyone done a complete breakdown on the tracklist so we know if they are just remasters of mixes, new re-created edits and completly different versions of previously released and known mixes?
  5. no you won't. you'll give in madonna needs to cash and you'll concede
  6. it's a better tracklisting than celebration if they explain which ones are newly created as opposed to fake versions of old edits and they sound good i'm happy the only thing i'm disappointed in is no causing a commotion
  7. you'll is a mid 90's celine, mariah, whitney ballad (without the vocals obviously lol) but it's a beautiful ballad. take a bow is just cheese. hate it. makes sense that america would love it bck them. it's so soccer mum boring chintz. overrated and dull
  8. love it. 90's rnb and smooth and soulful and removes the gritty vibe from erotica. production wise it's exceptional but has dated in the way a lot of 90's rnb has where 70's and 60's rnb still seems timeless and 80's rnb retro cool. but thats a positive for me. i like albums that sound of their time. however don't stop is my least fav madonna song. i hate it as i love mid temp rnb songs with a groove. this falls flat though. and i also hate hate hate take a bow. i know i'm wrong but i just think sometimes ballads can be sickly and pure cheese. and this one is just too cheesey for me
  9. for me it's also an album rooted to fail commercially. comerical pop acts get so big and you can't sustain that when you're not the new acts anymore. by the time like a prayer album came out it was clear singles off madonna's albums weren't going to become hits based on her name alone like the true blue/who's that girl commercial peak. like a prayer singles had to be pushed and many just didn't connect in the way people expected. oh father, dear jessie, keep it together and the cancelled pray for spanish eyes. her next album was lucky to miss out the "flop" label (i'm breathless) as vogue and it's being kind of a soundtrack. the next record being a greatest hits was a mop up excerise to get the casuals to buy her who wouldn't normally buy a madonna album. erotica was always going to be the release the press and industry would call her fall from grace. i think madonna knew this so used it as an opportunity to really go for it. the biggest criticism she ever faced was people saying she was using sex to sell. so why not release an album and book about sex and fetishes. everyone's talking about madonna being a vile sex obsessed whore so she took the idea of sex in pop and made an album about it. cold, calculated and not primed to sell. it was genius
  10. i think mdna was the moment she lost interest in making music as a album set with a theme or a project in an of itself. mdna was clearly just a collection of songs that were pop dance, mixed in with william orbit as that's what the fans kept moaning for more of. it was put together as if it was the debut album of a modern act and ticked boxes for what in theory a madonna album would sound like if it was her debut album in the era it was released. it was built to promote a tour. rebel heart has to be ignored really as what we got was a billion songs leaked in various versions. there was something there but the project was ruined. madame x however is her most interesting album in years. whether you like it or not it's about something. it has it's own vibe about it. i think it may be time for her to instead of release albums do random short 6 track eps every now and again? something different maybe
  11. it makes complete sense that madonna, who started her career as an rnb based disco pop club act who's first 2 albums, like a prayer, erotica and bedtime stories were deeply rooted in rnb based genres would one day do that again. ray of light onwards may had ditched the end influences but it doesn't mean she would never do that genre again. hard candy was the other side of confessions. confessions was euro centric club disco dance pop and hard candy was american centric club rnb disco dance pop
  12. good point. i just don't see teens i know chart conscious or care about it like past gens did
  13. black one worth quite a bit at times as it's rarer the others not much. rage of prices
  14. downloading was a killer for the industry. streaming however, even though it has issues with acts not getting enough royalties and drama over that, has produced one striking thing. the audiences are now paying for spotify or a platform and getting value for money as they're now listening to more variation. teens are not as radio or obsessed about when songs were released. they're opened up to genres and back catalogues on merit of the songs. chart wise i don't know any teen who cares or even listens to radio, buys singles, downloads singles at all. it's all streaming
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