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  1. Apple released spatial audio, most of the songss featured have Dolby Atmos, while others are lossless and digital masters, some of madonna's recent albums except Rebel Heart are lossless and digital masters, coadf is the only album that isn't lossless and digital mastered

  2. how id love to have the video version in that quality and the horse scene for future love
  3. i only fund this but it's not the screen version, it's from the 24th
  4. i hope the rest of her videos are in this quality til celebration
  5. just imagine the beauty of bedtime stories and vogue backdrops <3 <3
  6. Anybody saw the britney bopic? I saw the Madonna impersonator

    1. RUADJAI


      Someone plays Madonna?

    2. Justify My Candy

      Justify My Candy

      yes in one part of the timeline 2003, you'll see britney leaving the stage and a tall madonna impersonator is there along with xtina

  7. Frozen Stems leaked, updated my thread

  8. Hope you guys like it, not my best but it was worth a try :3
  9. My fanmade version of Bitch I'm Madonna is now on SoundCloud, link is on my thread <3 Leave a comment if you liked and enjoyed it

  10. My FANMADE Studio Version of BIM is almost finished :'D You're gonna love it

  11. Posted a preview of what I'm working on :D hope ya'll like it so far

    1. xrhaul
    2. Justify My Candy

      Justify My Candy

      @XRhaul thank you :D It's almost finished, just need to add the intro vocals from Mike Tyson

    3. xrhaul
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