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  1. The tour not happening in 1989 had nothing to do with Pepsi ad fuss. As someone else said - Dick Tracy changed all the scheduling. Pepsi cancelled *sponsorship* of the tour but that's all.
  2. Don't believe James Foley had a hand in the video for "The Look of Love" (other than of course it contains clips from a movie he directed.) That video was produced by Warner Bros UK hastily for local TV shows once the single came out.
  3. The tour was named such to promote the movie (and obviously a great tour title). I'm not clear as to whether Slammer became Who's That Girl and then a song was written as the title theme - or if the song was written and then the movie title was changed - but the tour fell into place after all of that for sure. Also WTG was most definitely not Madonna's first big commercial failure. Shanghai Surprise would take that accolade.
  4. Makes me wonder did Shep Pettibone also do a Who's That Girl Q-Sound remix in anticipation of it being on the final release.
  5. Radio 1 (like all youth radio in the UK) love everything Dua Lipa puts out. This is a Dua Lipa track. That Madonna features on it, has got nothing to do with support from R1 for the track. "Hallucinate" is currently on their A-List, getting played non stop, same as all of the Dua Lipa singles since she broke through. No one is being forced to finally play Madonna again - Madonna just happens to feature on a popular artist's track for the first time in a decade.
  6. Yeah that's just a party organised by Madonna fans. I think they ask the record company and Madonna's management to give them things like posters and giveaways but it's not organised officially. It is strange that we have no news at all on the public release of this tour!!
  7. They need to get all this archive footage lying on shelves, digitized. ASAP.
  8. What would normally maybe have been the final "Friends and Family" dress rehearsal before the tour officially started, became a private concert at the O2 Arena for "Net Jets" customers (www.netjets.com). The show was fully ticketed by Ticketmaster (described on the tickets and on screens at the O2 as a "Net Jets Private Madonna Concert") and presumably it was paid for by Net Jets. It happened on Friday 3rd July 2009.
  9. Also S&S 2009 Private Concert for Net Jets clients was a Friday night - July 3rd!
  10. Someone's in trouble for letting the cat out of the bag early I think! That was not a random event coming out of nowhere - so I think we can take it that Nov 23rd is planned date for at least one cinema screening!
  11. Guessing you're a new fan? We always hear about things in the most random ways lol! The "official" announcement etc. usually comes last. I can still remember we all knew about the HMV American Life gig in 2003 thanks to rumours on forums etc. - when the final "announcement" came, it was no longer "news". With tickets for the cinema screening in Brazil on sale at www.eventick.com.br - then I'm taking that as confirmed that the movie is showing on that date in that place. I think it would be a nice touch for her to premiere the finished product in South America - given th
  12. Looks like she's having the premiere in Brazil on November 23rd? Or if not - worldwide cinema screenings on that date. Interesting!!!
  13. Really interesting stuff - thanks for posting. His remix of Fever totally saved the song and is a work of genius. The fact Madonna based her Girlie Show tour versions of Fever and Rain on his remixes, says everything about how good they were! Interesting he says Rain was his first Madonna project (love the story about her coming in to listen to the remix at midnight with her team!). The public actually heard his remix of Fever first (via the video). He also mentions that Madonna asked him to do a remix for Me'Shell NdegeOcello after he did her remixes.
  14. Is indeed a fan's dream to top all dreams I agree. I'm surprised more of this kind of stuff has never leaked out. Aside from the S&S Athens and Lisbon footage, along with those BA shows (Houston, New Jersey and Boston?), we've never had any of the concert "screen footage" leak properly from within Madonna's camp or the various record companies. We got the Miami WTG 4 songs leaked because these were given to MTV - but I think other TV channels must have had access to more of this type of footage over the years. Maybe that will "leak" some day.
  15. Indeed! Great topic. I can remember 1987 getting YCD album and reading the album notes which said that the WTG tour version was based on the YCD remix - but I couldn't understand as a kid how come this could be the case, since the album came after the tour lol! Yes ITG live version on WTG tour was a completely new re-working of the song for fans - but then so were many of the other songs in the show. Looking back at WTG I find it interesting that in Japan she was performing songs that no-one in the world had ever heard at all. Because "Causing a Commotion" and "Look of Love" had n
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