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  1. thefrenchprince92

    What it feels like for a girl (Above & Beyond Remix) Hollywood (Oakenfold Remix) Girl Gone Wild (Offer Nissim Remix) Rescue Me (Titanic Vocal)
  2. thefrenchprince92

    For me I loved the Ray of Light Era. It was such a powerful album, she proved she did not have to tour right away to have such a successful album. Frozen will always be my favorite M song, to this day it gives me goosebumps and seeing it live during the madame X tour and re-invention will forever be cherished in my heart!
  3. thefrenchprince92

    I love to Karaoke thats why I love instrumentals.
  4. thefrenchprince92

    would love if all madonna's albums were re-released, remastered and included a cd with all the instrumentals. It's wishful thinking but imagine confessions album instrumentals Imagine if studio versions from all her tours were released with a cd of instrumentals for each tour. Omg i think I would die a happy man.
  5. thefrenchprince92

    I think i would die if she did thief of hearts or time stood still. my life would be complete.
  6. thefrenchprince92

    does anyone else wish that she would perform thief of hearts one day lol
  7. thefrenchprince92

    Hey everyone, Not sure If I can post this so if I need to take it down please feel free to let me know. Before I put the Japan 3" singles boxset on eBay, I wanted to reach out and see if any Madonna fan on here wants to add it to their collection. It's in great condition and none of the discs have ever been played. It has been opened but comes with the original plastic cover. Send me a message if interested.
  8. thefrenchprince92

    It's funny I always make fake Madonna and Britney Spears Tours haha this one I started a year or so ago I have mixed a lot of the tracks! Iconic World Tour (Current Day) Icon Intro (Mash up of all of M's music videos) 1. Living for love (Remix) 2. Celebration (Contains elements of Benny Benassi Dub) 3. Give it 2 me 2018 4. Ray of light (S&S Tour Elements) 5. Open your heart 2018 (Similar to Leonardo Dicaprio Charity Event Version) American Life (Video Interlude) 7. Vogue 2018 8. Die another day/Nobody knows me (Mashup) 9. Dress you up (RIT Outtake) 10. Material Girl 2018 Bedtime Story (Album Version) (Video Interlude) 11. Erotica (Album Version) 12. Justify my love/S.E.X (Mashup/Remix) 13. Holy Water 14. Some Girls Rescue Me (Video Interlude) 15. Hanky Panky (Bare Bones Mix) 16. Deeper and Deeper 2018 17. Theif of Hearts (Album Version) 18. Bad Girl (Extended Intro Mix) 19. Frozen 2018 Veni Vedi Vichi (Video Interlude) 20. Like a Prayer 2018 21. Express Yourself 2018 22. Music/Into the Groove 2018 (Mashup mix) 23. Girl Gone Wild/ Turn up the Radio (Offer Nissim Remix Mashup) 25. Iconic Encore Hung Up (Contains elements from the Confessions Tour) Like a Virgin/Everybody (Contains elements from BAT, Confessions Tour, RHT)