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  1. I’m the only one here in the office so why not blast Sasha’s fab mix of Ray Of Light! Why not!

  2. RIP Julee Cruise :rose:

    1. DickTracy


      I know folks on here love Deee-Lite, Julee Cruise made an album with DJ Dmitry "My Secret Life"

    2. professormouse


      She said she listened to her favourite albums with the volume barely on sometimes.

  3. OMG I'm so happy Kylie Minogue came to our restaurant with her rosé!!!

  4. In case you're wondering, the Queen's Jubilee concert will be on US streaming on ABC News app and Hulu the following day. So excited to see Nile Rodgers, Duran Duran and Diana Ross!

  5. I have one of these I need to get rid of, its similar but a bit different it was meant to hold CDs in a store:


    Anyone in NY/PA area interested?

    1. professormouse


      It's available in many other Artists 'designs' too.
      Who would you consider the most shag-me pop singer to have a blanket of ?

    2. DickTracy


      Definitely Madonna! I can’t even think of a qualified second. Possibly Prince. I would get a Prince one. David Bowie maybe.

  6. That time "Kids In The Hall" tried to create a new queen of pop:


    1. DickTracy



      My favorite Tammy song

  7. Mariah sounds like a gravel mouthed mess on that Big Energy remix. 

    1. professormouse


      "At least she's kept the dog whistle off this one."


  8. any Prince fans happen to rip If You Were a Sailboat before it was pulled from YouTube?

    1. DickTracy


      Nevermind, someone else uploaded it to YouTube. Beautiful song! I miss Prince so much.

  9. I see Gloria Estefan is in the cast for the new Father Of The Bride remake and Diana Ross is possibly making  a new song with Tame Impala. Good day for Diva News. 

    1. drunkby6


      Hope they finally release the deluxe editions of Anything For You and Cuts Both Ways!

    2. Andymad


      Its an interesting take on FotB.  Nothing will top the origial, Dianne & Steve omg.  But I really like the interesting take on this one.  It tries to focus on "FotB" but it seems to be really about Gloria and Andy's relationship.  I'm really interested in seeing this, it looks promising.

  10. I haven't heard the remix yet but I'm already repeating "poppin' molly" similar to the "ride me like a wave" part of the MNEK remix of Crave. 

  11. Those "black" cigarettes she loves are Djarum clove cigarettes, I think. Gross :stare:

    1. professormouse


      "NO NO SISTER !"
      Anyone else see Whitney 'mime' how to roll a crack 'n' green doobie on Oprah ?
      I did.

    1. MartineX


      mistery man...LLLLOOOOLLLLL

      it's her portuguese photographer that follows her since the begining of Madame X.. GAYYYYYYY 

  12. In the new Hulu show Life & Beth, Beth's (Amy Schumer) boyfriend does a pretty awful rendition of Like A Virgin :kitty:

  13. I'm going to see my favorite standup comedian tonight I'm so excited. 


  14. Did we know this was already on YouTube?


  15. Bill Maher did a bit about the Orange Guy’s tweets becoming less effective and compared them to “Bitch I’m Madonna” on his show last night with the single cover as the graphic. Very random.

    1. xrayeyes


      "If you have to say it, maybe you ain't IT anymore"-Maher on Madonna...truer words were never spoken.

    2. steveclemo


      I ve been a fan for 35 years, bit he is right. Stop saying/singing it! Britney overuses "its Britney, Bitch" . We know and love WHO you are!

  16. Listening to DCFMA makes me miss Donna & Niki more :heart:good times with great vocals

  17. Anyone else watching Celebrity Big Brother US? Its getting messy in there!! Finale Wednesday!

  18. Unpopular Opinion: Richard "Humpty" Vission made the best remix of "Music". That breakdown in the middle tho. 

  19. https://www.loudersound.com/features/the-story-behind-meat-loafs-id-do-anything-for-love-but-i-wont-do-that

    The late Meat Loaf suggests that his songwriter Jim Steinman was in talks to do songs with Madonna. Just imagine. Kinda terrifying and kinda awesome. 

    1. DickTracy
    2. slutpride


      Madonna never had the pipes to carry a Steinman song.

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