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  1. Aside from Madge's own instagram, have you guys seen any ads/info/whatever about the Showtime premiere because I've seen nada.
  2. No offense to M, but, I don't think she really knows the complete difference between DVD, Blu-Ray, digital, streaming etc
  3. LOL. (Sorry. Hope this was meant to be funny.)
  4. KB02

    Hey everyone, I am currently visiting Paris & was wondering if anyone was interested in getting together? Get a drink, discuss some Madonna! Thanks! Kevn
  5. I've said this before but I think it would be great if we had 3 different versions (which I know would never happen): 1) super-edited movie version a la MDNA 2) a head-on static shot of the stage as if you were in the front row and the camera never cuts away and 3) a choose-your-own adventure version where you can pick 1 of 10 strategically placed different camera angles and you can switch to whatever angle you want when you want.
  6. These video are amazing. Thank you! Side note: I don't think we may see the straight hairstyle too often -- it looked like it kept getting in her face and was annoyed by it :/
  7. I cannot imagine what I would do if this happened to me. So sorry for everyone in Manchester! If she wanted to play the part of hero, she should do another night for free for people who were there tonight (if the arena is available). But, she probably doesn't give a sh!t.
  8. As long as we're putting in requests, I'd like to see all the different songs she's done (Ghosttown, Like A Prayer, Secret etc)
  9. That's really great! Is this a hobby or do you stage design for work?
  10. KB02

    I would kill for a Blu-Ray that had 5 or 6 static shots of the concert and we could choose to view what angle we could watch the whole show from from the main menu, or switch back and forth to different angles as we see fit. It's impossible I know with all the edits needed, but still a dream.
  11. I have a dumb question -- what's all this talk of queueing up early for European shows? Is it general admission on the floor or are you assigned seats?
  12. Oh, I don't care. As long as she continues to put on a hell of a show and be The Queen, I'm there
  13. Agreed. Definitely seems like she was lip-synching and/or backing vocal is way louder to compensate. You can clearly she doesn't have the mic up close enough and she's not singing when the vocals start.