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  1. And the Vogue, Express Yourself , Papa Don’t Preach and Crazy for you picture singles?

    Thanks again!

  2. Hello Brian,

    Can you send me the three True Blue single covers? Thank you!

    1. ScottyX


      Hi .. I can never find download links on your blog. I've been peeking at it now and then over the past couple of years. 

    2. otcoam


      If there is a download available it will state " DOWNLOAD" on the post.  Some have expired as I used to link to sendspace.  Now I use my google photos account which is available permanently.  If you need anything specific just ask and I will try to reup with google.  


  3. Ok people. I know they turn brown I don't need to be told that numerous times. That is the entire point of my post and why I would like to get a good HQ scan of one that has not.
  4. Let me be clear, I'm posting this because I want a HQ scan of the Crazy For You Shaped Picture Disc that has not browned, meaning still clear in it's original state. I do not need to be told that they brown - I know that. How many fans here have a version of this that is still clear and not browned? This is one of the few shaped picture disc that I do not own and have noticed most have discolored over the years. I want to find a copy at some time in the future in the clearest condition which may be difficult at this point. To fill the void in my collection I would like to request if someone can do a HQ scan for me of the front and back. Preferably in 300 dpi and with a white backing sheet. I do not make many request on this forum usually only fulfill others requests for scans. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would take the time to do this for me. Brian
  5. otcoam

    I bought all the 2016 reissues within the last six months and found the Erotica Vinyl (R1 45031 180 Gram black square sticker bottom right corner) to be the hardest to find at a decent price. Good luck finding one on ebay for less than $100 . There are a few online stores in the US that still have them in stock sealed for around $32 but you have to really look.
  6. why is registration currently disabled?  I have a friend that wants to join the forum and can't register.

    1. Fighter


      pm me the e-mail and the username they want and I'll create the account, or they can message me through the contact link :) 

  7. otcoam

    why is registration currently disabled? I have a friend that wants to join the forum and can't register.
  8. otcoam

    Finally got it printed. Not official but better than nothing. See how it turned out..... https://photos.app.goo.gl/YMhYifyXJCJ4TWtg9
  9. otcoam

    Since we're apparently not getting a 2020 Calendar I decided to make my own. Click on the cover for a preview on my blog.
  10. Has there been any indication we are getting an Official Madonna Calendar for 2020? Usually there has been an announcement in October for the upcoming Calendar year. We need a calendar for this era with outtakes & pro shots from the Madame X Tour. The last couple of calendars have been complete disappointments in my opinion.
  11. otcoam

    I ordered 4 items at the end of March. Received these three so far. The Patron Saint Madonna Candle Madonna Like a Prayer Logo Tee (Cardinal Red) Madonna Eyes Black Tee Still waiting on this one: Madonna Stained Glass Saint Tee I e-mail and call every other week to see if it's still on backorder or they just forgot to mail out. All her other Merchandise before the new Madame X era began is still at Fanfire (Live Nation) https://www.fanfire.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Store.woa/wa/artist?sourceCode=CJTAPI&artistName=Madonna
  12. otcoam

    Performance was amazing, holograms cool but not worth the reported 5 Mil
  13. otcoam

    Scanned from my calendar. 2016 Madonna Photographed by Luigi & lango [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]