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  1. SGK

    can't see any limks too(
  2. hey there

    how are u ? im ziv :)

    do u have maybe some of her interviews from the area of the next best thing /music ? 

    im looking for this if u might have pleaseee



    1. SGK


      hello! I've lost all the archive. however most of them here online

    2. zveni vidi vici

      zveni vidi vici

      yes i saw but sadly some of them wont show me beacuse i cant sign ( wont let me ) 

      and i really want those 2...

      any chance i can download it  ? upload it on utube or mega  ?> 


      Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 14.31.29.png

      Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 14.14.44.png

  3. SGK

    Revolution from RH Era is fan-made remix like most from your collection. For example, we don't have any legit demos from LAP Era
  4. I think, I have to stop with reuploads or sharing since I received a warning - maybe this is all that I deserve

    1. MadonnaLove
    2. Guest


      Why would you get a "warning" for re-uploading something?  Or is it something that is "official" that shouldn't be uploaded or was asked not to be uploaded by the administration? Or does the warning have anything to do with what you uploaded?  Just curious?

    3. Fighter


      you received a warning 3 years ago for posting official material and it expired in February 2015 sis... 

  5. if it be true
  6. SGK

    registration needed (site is on russian but the program is EN) [Hidden Content]
  7. SGK

    MQ upconverted