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  1. I’ve always thought Madonna would turn into our generation Bette Davis. I honestly think this is that phase.
  2. I'm on my 3rd rewatch of it. Actually Medellin wasn't bad, am I right in they skipped a verse? As usual though backing track was too loud. I think it’s noticeable she was nervous from the beginning, full of adrenaline too. Dress was horrendous and to think it probably is priced at someone’s salary and more. Music was a mess and what was annoying was when she started early, she sounded really good! Although funny that she tried to blame and point to Maluma. Toward end was like two drunk pals doing karaoke and not having a clue what was happening. It wasn’t the best or the worst but it’ll be one I won’t be in a hurry to show friends.
  3. Well she is tone deaf. Theres no denying it. For me it really all harks back to her anger at being called the Material Girl “which was meant to be ironic, and I am not materialistic” to the from ROL to American Life. Meanwhile ticket prices go up and up and (although likely free) having the latest designer this or that. Tone deaf and delusional. However, I would not spend the obscene amount on Madame X, even if I could afford it because I loved Truth or Dare and it truly lasted for days and then discontinued. Sometimes, it’s almost as if she is on drugs and someone comes in for her to sign her name to something and she is so out of it she does. Very random. I agree though with those who say it’s not best timing to release something so expensive but then timing never has been her strong point...
  4. Which really shocks me, or doesn’t. Either it’s been suggested and either her or Guy have said no - which I doubt because both of them love making money. Or she really doesn’t have a clue how much fans would pay for such things and love it!
  5. Yes, I would agree with you there. One of my fav tours, from the unexpected oldies either in setlist or performed unexpectedly and just her general happiness and interaction made this rank high up there for me. Plus I loved the album (and especially the demo/leaked album too.)
  6. There’s no way to deny Madonna has a shocking attitude towards her legacy which is so sad because she must see the joy in her fans eyes and responses whether it’s a rare song performed or mentioned on that ill fated instagram. From the past few tours you’d think Madonna has only ever released three or four albums. Although on a positive note, thank f**k she did start to remember the Erotica album even if it was just to hear Erotica again and to watch fan videos of Deeper & Deeper, because the DVD version makes me think I might suffer from vertigo. One issue for me, perhaps it’s more to do with the logistics, her love of filters and millisecond cuts/jumps, effects or copyright [or just her ego]but I am sure there are ways around it, for the thee ultimate material girl not to have realised the opportunity to allow fans to buy a DVD of the concert they have just attended shocks me that she and especially Guy appear not to look at or attempt to see how they could do this and think of the extra money they’d make.
  7. I love this jacket Madonna wears and would love to find one or even see if I can get one made/designed?
  8. Sorry, but it’s a no from me too. I don’t think personally she was in a good place or state of mind during them and I agree her audience interactions were very strange too. It reminded me of the interactions during MX tour that were just the same every single night and worse still, it was scripted and still very stilted and unfunny. What is most strange is comparing how genuine, natural and funny she was when she interacted during Rebel Heart tour shows which was less than 4/5 years prior.
  9. I’ve just been watching the Nobody Knows Me unedited footage on YouTube and it looks so different to what we see once finished. Obviously this must have been filmed with studio lighting and makeup and I’m guessing no filters yet but I know you can airbrush photo’s etc, but is it possible to actually airbrush “live” or I should say recorded videos?
  10. I mean watching Truth or Dare, Madonna is the ultimate megalomaniac diva during it, but equally, she was at the pinnacle of her career and it was 1990. So I don’t know how she could possibly not have went through (and to some degree probably still does in a way) an ego manic force. I think it would have been impossible for someone at the top of their game, leading and pioneering not to. “She’s the most extravagantly spoiled, rich white girl who ever lived”. Hardly, I mean yes she is spoiled and rich but she worked hard to get it. It didn’t come from a famous family name behind her funding it or from being famous for being famous. A very silly article, also, I don’t remember the scene or part where Madonna says she bullied a girl like Mama make up? Did that happen or just something else the “author” made up?
  11. I think arena's might be ok and not subject to curfew like stadiums in UK. However, public transport doesn't run late in the UK so many people might have to end up leaving to catch trains which is a shame.
  12. I can never get enough of anything Erotica related. I love that album and Madonna referencing it more and more.
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