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  1. Been on repeat since I woke up.
  2. The Philippine Elections and BTS almost bumped off my Queen. Although, I mostly listen to M in my personal library in the Music App in iOS. Haha. 

    Anyways, Madonna Forever! 



  3. Thank you very much @Jackie! Peace, Joy and Love to Everyone! Long live the Queen!
  4. I hope that eventually they get to release all the singles, for the fans and newbies. Great strategy of not releasing everything all at once.
  5. My ultimate Madonna song, single and video. Oh my gosh. Thank you for this one. Hoping someday, all her videos are remastered to HD and sold in lossless formats. Will definitely play the single, the promo edits, the stems (most of it) today!
  6. Loved all your posts here. Was too young then to appreciate the album save for Take A Bow which I secretly watched because of the "sexual content". Not good in expressing myself but I think it was underrated but hey, I think it aged well among us fans.
  7. I was 11 when it was shown here in the Philippines January 1997. I was with my sister, I fell in love with the soundtrack and eventually, Madonna. Was familiar with Like A Virgin, Material Girl and Take A Bow prior to that, Evita made me a fan. Would love if it will be played again in cinemas, but I know it is just wishful thinking. Contenting myself with the blu-ray release and the Japanese 2 Disc Soundtrack. I'm Argentina and always will be.
  8. Rest in Peace. Thank you very much for Evita. It was Evita that made me a fan of Madonna. I'm Argentina, and always will be.
  9. Recovering Downloads =(

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