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  1. Everything what's on Madonna playlist, but sometimes when I see the waterdrops on glass in the shower I just HAVE to sing Rain and try all those harmonies
  2. Welcome from Poland <3
  3. What were those extras on American Life enhanced  cd? I'm really curious, as now I can only open the "title screen" from it ?

    1. Enrico
    2. Andymad


      Wasn’t it the music video or behind the scenes? I also want to say there were wallpapers you could download.

    3. Primul5


      Oh ok! Thank you!

  4. I really can't stand Body Shop on Rebel Heart - they could have put something better instead imho (some demos were actually very nice for me).
  5. I think that there is just "anononymity" or "anonomynity". I hear "anonomynity" but "anononymity" makes more sense. And yes... she sang the word with a mistake (but it fits the song so good).
  6. Tough choice, but I go for HN, because that's the song I listen to the most <3
  7. Express Yourself vs Future Lovers/I Feel Love Open Your Heart vs Get Together Causing a Commotion vs Like a Virgin Where's the Party vs Jump Like a Virgin vs Live to Tell Like a Prayer vs Forbidden Love Live to Tell vs Isaac Oh Father vs Sorry Papa Don't Preach vs Like it Or Not Sooner or Later vs I Love New York Hanky Panky vs Ray of Light Now I'm Following You vs Let It Will Be Material Girl vs Drowned World/Substitute for Love Cherish vs Paradise (Not For Me) Into the Groove vs Music Inferno Vogue!!!!! vs Erotica Holiday vs La Isla Bonita Keep It Together vs Lucky Star/Hung Up BAT 11 : 8 CT Hard choice, because they stay on really high artistic level, but show it in different ways.
  8. I absolutely love the Unapoloigetic Bitch moment <3

    1. Frank


      Yeah, right? It's so well mixed together, that was such a great surprise for me!!!!

  9. Someone please help me: Where can I watch a stream from Showtime

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