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  1. SUGABABES: ONE TOUCH UK/EUROPE TOUR 2022 Same Old Story (Blood Orange Remix) - Intro Run For Cover (MNEK Remix) Round Round Love In Stereo One Foot In Just Let It Go/Shape - Medley Stronger (with elements from Back In The Day) Hole In The Head Real Thing/Sugababes On The Run - Medley Same Old Story - Album Version & Blood Orange Remix Mashup Soul Sound Ugly Caught In A Moment - Acoustic Flatline Drum Overload Flowers Too Lost In You Push The Button Freak Like Me
  2. BRITNEY SPEARS - FREE: A PRIVATE EVENING WITH BRITNEY TOUR 2024/2025 A small theatre tour like Madame X completely visioned by Britney to celebrate her new found freedom. Majority of the tour will be "anti-tour"ish with album tracks. Act 1: Unchained (stage levels up as Britney is laying down in chains like the Glory Deluxe album cover) 1. Moodring 2. My Prerogative 3. If U Seek Amy (contains snippets of "Fuck You" by Lily Allen) 4. (I Got That) Boom Boom 5. He About To Lose Me Act 2: Unbound 6. What U See (Is What U Get) 7. Cinderella 8. Get Back 9. I Run Away / Blur / Out From Under (medley) 10. Lucky Act 3: Unrestricted 11. Alien 12. Just Luv Me 13. Fancy (Reba McEntire cover) 14. Selfish / Don't Keep Me Waiting / You Oughta Know (Alanis Morrissette cover) (medley) 15. Do Somethin' 16. Stronger Act 4: Unlimited 17. Oops!...I Did It Again 18. Body Ache 19. Breathe On Me / Touch of My Hand / Make Me... 20. I'm A Slave 4 U 21. (You Drive Me) Crazy / Toxic / Till The World Ends Act 5: It's Britney, Bitch 22. Gimme More 23. Piece of Me 24. ...Baby One More Time 25. Overprotected 26. Better
  3. I want to like this so bad. I like bits of it and I adore Kylie for covering this. Idk...there is something about it though. This is one of those songs that shouldn't be covered or when it is, it's so odd. I somewhat felt the same way with Cher covering ABBA.
  4. Loud Rated R Talk That Talk / Unapologetic
  5. Q1: Who's your favourite solo male artist ? Usher Q2: Who's your favourite solo female artist ? Kylie Minogue Q3: Who's your favourite group ? Sugababes Q4: What's your favourite song of the 00's ? Ashanti "Foolish" Q5: What's your favourite album of the 00's No Doubt "Return of Saturn" Q6: And finally who's do you think is the most influential artist(s) of the 00's ? Beyoncé
  6. Q1: Who's your favourite solo male artist ? 2Pac Q2: Who's your favourite solo female artist ? Mariah Carey Q3: Who's your favourite group ? Spice Girls Q4: What's your favourite song of the 90's ? Destiny's Child "Jumpin Jumpin" Q5: What's your favourite album of the 90's Janet Jackson "The Velvet Rope" Q6: And finally who's do you think is the most influential artist(s) of the 90's ? Spice Girls
  7. Q1: Who is your favourite solo male artist? Michael Jackson Q2; Who is your favourite solo female artist? Madonna Q3: Who is your favourite band / group? Human League Q4: What's your favourite song of the 80's? Corey Hart "Sunglasses at Night" & Rockwell "Somebody's Watching Me" Q5: What's your favourite album of the 80's? Michael Jackson "Off the Wall" Q6: And finally who is the most influential artist of the 80's? MJ & Madonna
  8. The Origibabes are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album with some bundles! https://sugababes.tmstor.es/?lf=c775b00b04a2a79acaa8d0d8ee75df89 A new remix of Run For Cover is out now as well! It was remixed by MNEK. It's absolutely amazing. It definitely sounds like a new track and something that they would put out now. NME interview with Shiv and Keisha: https://www.nme.com/news/music/sugababes-reunion-interview-one-touch-20-anniversary-new-music-little-mix-2937274 *edit* Didn't realize I posted this in Member Zone. If it needs to be moved to Music, please don't hesitate, mods
  9. Favourite Album: Taller In More Ways Favourite Member: Mutya Top 20 (no particular order): Flowers New Year Flatline Drum Boys Hole In The Head Maya Round Round About A Girl (Keisha version) Never Gonna Dance Again Sugababes On The Run Groove Is Going On Ugly Push the Button Ace Reject Hanging On A Star Freak Like Me Stronger Gotta Be You (Mutya version) Freedom
  10. 3LW - No More BS Tour (Summer/Fall 2006) In an alternate universe, 3LW got their shit together after Jessica joining the group and drops 3 albums within 2006. This tour will be their first headlining tour to support the albums Rising Phoenix, Under 21 & Point of No Return. It covers all 5 of their albums. 'Bout It (Intro) I Do (Wanna Get Close To You) AYO! Strictly Business Xtra Time Point of No Return / Bling Bling / You Ain't Ready (medley) How U Gonna Act Is You Feelin' Me Neva Get Enuff Getcha Back / Yes I Took Your Boyfriend (medley) Good Good Girl Gangsta (Intro) / Playas Gon Play I Need That (I Want That) A Girl Can Mack Feelin' You This Goes Out No More (Baby Ima Do Right)
  11. These definitely are important to me and have impacted me in many ways in my 35 years of life... Stevie Wonder "Superstition" - one of the first songs I remember hearing as a kid. It's stuck with me for so long. Bjork "It's In Our Hands" - my mom passed away around the time this came out and the beat soothed me in some way. Mariah Carey "Breakdown" - my all time favourite song by MC. But the lyrics hit me hard. I can finally say I suffer from being depressed and having panic/anxiety attacks, but I still pretend to be find in front of others. It's helped me the most. Movements "Daylily" - I learned of this song a few months ago and it hit me hard. Some lyrics go "I think it's time you had a pink cloud summer cuz it's been too long since you had a smile" - the singer wrote it for his gf who suffered from depression and they called her good days pink cloud days. It's one of the few songs that made me cry. I also played it at my boyfriend's funeral. Another part goes "I think it's time you gave yourself a little colour, I don't know much but I hear red is in style" - I selected a red shirt for my bf to wear to give him brightness.
  12. Ariana Grande "Positions" JoJo "Good To Know" Melanie C "Melanie C"
  13. Not going to put them in any particular order...I love her so much! Nasty Rock Wit U LUV Feedback If Anytime, Anyplace Because of Love I Want You Runaway You What About Throb New Agenda The Body That Loves You Better Days Someone To Call My Lover Son of a Gun Dammn Baby Night Enjoy
  14. Rebel Heart (Avicii Version) Addicted Devil Pray (Demo 2014.09) Living For Love Ghosttown Joan of Arc (Acoustic Version) Unapologetic Bitch Illuminati Heaven Messiah Hold Tight Bitch I'm Madonna Wash All Over Me (Avicii Version) Deluxe Tracks: Rebel Heart (Acoustic) S.E.X. Holy Water Iconic HeartBreakCity
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