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  1. Jaawsshhh

    Glitter and Spiceworld
  2. Jaawsshhh

    I'm on one right now. I was on a good ass Madonna moment for from January-May. I love when I get them. I will binge listen and watch everything possible. I was on a dry spell when Rebel Heart came out too. Once MX came out, I started to fully appreciate RH more and eventually grew to like MX more with each listen.
  3. Nothing wrong with being a Satanist Half the shit people say about them/us isn't even true, but it's a good laugh!
  4. Jaawsshhh

    1. I wish Madonna would perform some hidden gems on her next tour. Like Rescue Me, Bedtime Stories album tracks, To Have And Not To Hold, Swim, Runaway Lover... But more so, I want her to be on top of her creativeness. Don't follow the trends in music. 2. What kind of look would you like to see Madonna do in the next era? I really enjoyed her short black hair for MX. Even though it was a wig, I wish she'd just cut all her hair off and go dark. 3. If Madonna were to perform one of her videos for an upcoming tour in the closest way she could, which video would you want it to be? Ghosttown or Human Nature. 4. My three favorite record producers for Madonna has been William Orbit, Stuart Price and Nelle Hooper. 5. True or False: Madonna will release a new album in the next two years. True hopefully.
  5. Jaawsshhh

    It looks amazing!!!!
  6. Jaawsshhh

    Ugh I wish she had this hair for the televised concert!!
  7. Jaawsshhh

    The iconic BAT ponytail. But her Girlie Show pixie cut comes close 2nd and her Virgin Tour hair
  8. Jaawsshhh

    Not sure if this has been done, but, let's all just say our thank you's to Madonna. I've been asked before as to why am I a fan of Madonna or like her. That she's a bitch and a horrible person, etc. I could never find the words to answer it. I guess below would be my best way... I've been a fan since I was a kid, maybe 3 or 4? I've always connected to Madonna for some odd reason and was so drawn to her music, music videos and anything to do with her really. As I got older, I gained to appreciate her artistry even more. And also her being an ally. She proved to me that it was ok to be weird, to be gay, be creative, to have a masculine and feminine side and to not give a shit. I could go on and on and I'll probably think of other things, but thank you Madonna. I doubt you come to this forum (cos you'd shut us down probably lol) but thank you for everything you could give to this 35 y/o gay man. Thank you for fighting for love, equality so people like myself don't have to be ashamed of who we are. And for making me have the best memories as a sissy kid dancing to your music
  9. Jaawsshhh

    I stand by my statement above, but I kind of wanted to dive deeper as why. Please note I'm going to give lots of praise to these albums as far as production and creativity. With Madame X, what is/was lacking is the cohesiveness. The album feels as if the shuffle button were hit right when they were printing the album. And as much as I love lots of songs, some could have been left out (this was the biggest issue with RH). But I will say, this is Madonna's best album as a creative artist. She finally stopped following trends from Hard Candy onward. I made a somewhat cohesive tracklist on Spotify for kicks: God Control Medellin Crave - sometimes I replace it with the Tracy Young remix Addicted Future Batuka Killers Who Are Partying Faz Gostoso * Extreme Occident Dark Ballet - the second half of the song really annoys me :( Come Alive * Beautiful Scars Bitch I'm Loca * I Don't Search I Find I Rise (Tracy Young's Pride Mix) Looking For Mercy * = deluxe/bonus tracks. And yes I included 2 RH songs. They really flow with this tracklist. I would have added the 3 other songs but they aren't on Spotify (I do own the CD tho) Rebel Heart...the leak did hurt the album and perspective on it sadly. The demos sounded amazing as is and it's terrible M and her team had to rush to re-mix most the songs. Over time, I grew to enjoy the album with thanks to the RHT. As stated above, it has way too many songs. I'm good with fewer songs that are strong than a large album with only a handful of solid songs. Sadly, I would have eliminated Body Shop, Best Night and Veni Vidi Vici from the tracklist and saved them as b-sides for CD singles. Speaking of singles, the RH singles were great choices too. But I would have released these: Living For Love/Rebel Heart (Acoustic demo) Ghosttown Bitch I'm Madonna Wash All Over Me (original version with Avicii and have the album version as a remix) Unapologetic Bitch I would also replace some of the mastered album tracks with their demo form too. Not even sure my creative mind could save MDNA LOL. It was produced amazingly, not gonna lie. It's very polished and sleek, which I love. But some of the songs are just too A.) Ridiculous or B.) Sound too much alike. I know this was supposed to be her post divorce album, and I sense the music/rhythm is supposed to represent her anger (because the beats on the album are very angry and aggressive). But part of me wishes there were a few more songs with emotion - which is a big reason I adore Falling Free. I'm very iffy on having I'm Addicted, I'm A Sinner, Superstar and Some Girls on the album. I tend to want to take them out but when I listen to them, I somewhat enjoy them? IAS is probably the most listenable out of those 4 to me and sounds different too. I would most definitely add Beautiful Killer to the main tracklist.
  10. Jaawsshhh

    Losing my mom was one of the most difficult things to experience. Especially since it was just me and her. I went through a very dark period. But I pulled through. The mourning probably won't ever go away but the healing does with time. I'm sending you my deepest condolences, @Voguerista. Also sending much love and positive energy for you and the family
  11. I would LOVE for her to switch things up and perform: Bad Girl Rescue Me To Have And Not To Hold Swim is another on my list.
  12. Jaawsshhh

    Thank you!!! <3
  13. Jaawsshhh

    Does anyone know the name of the font used in Original Doll?
  14. Jaawsshhh

    They look great!! I've been doing some digipak ad jewel cases for unreleased albums for a few other artists. It's quite the thrill lol.
  15. Jaawsshhh

    Onto the topic... can't get enough of it. I need some. Feel free to DM me some kthnxbai