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  1. MonsieurX

    Just submitted a request for Las Vegas. It would be my first trip to The Sin City. Fingers crossed! 🤞🏼
  2. Do we have anywhere to view or download a replay of the performance?
  3. For those inquiring or confused about the politicization during Madonna’s performance, I came across an article that provides some further clarity. I was reminded of the two male dancers choreography to Forbidden Love during The Confessions Tour.
  4. I am tired of people saying that by pointing out a fact about the performance, it’s automatically perceived as “negative”. I have two Madonna tattoos on my body. I am a SUPER FAN. It was great that she sung live. The performance was stunning and Madonna always puts on a great show. HOWEVER, as many others have pointed out Like a Prayer was extremely flat and off key. Comparing this performance to the vocals at the 2018 Met Gala (as she used the exact same arrangement) the vocals were clearly better during the Met Gala performance. I was watching the performance with some friends who are very musically inclined/professionally trained and they speculated that she was having trouble hearing herself. It would be interesting to see if her vocals will be pitch corrected when the performance is ultimately posted to YouTube. Granted, the infamous Living For Love fall at The BRIT Awards wasn’t cut or altered when posted online... Stating the obvious is not “Madonna bashing/hating/trolling” - it’s the musical fact of that portion of the performance and an honest critique. I enjoyed the choreography. I enjoyed the message at the end. I am truly excited for this era and am proud of everything Madonna does and stands for. I think we need to start distinguishing honest feedback from blatant negativity on this forum. There is a difference between pointing out what was obviously difficult about the performance and what is hateful.
  5. I agree. The effort to be completely live was refreshing. I wish she included Dark Ballet.
  6. I’m disappointed that she didn’t hit many of the notes during Like a Prayer. It may have been because she was having issues with her in ear monitor. I did like the the message at the end: WAKE UP
  7. MonsieurX

    I think it is interesting that she used lyrics from Don’t Tell Me on this track “We can light up the dark. Everyone has a spark. Don’t tell me to stop. ‘Cause you said so. Just don’t turn off the light. Tell the sun not to shine. ‘Cause you said so.” The song is very similar to Unapologetic Bitch. I imagine Diplo having writer and production credits on the track have a lot to do with the similarity. My only critique is that I wish Madonna’s vocals were a bit more prominent and slightly less auto tuned. I think Future’s vocals wind up sounding cleaner than Madonna’s...Does anyone else agree?
  8. MonsieurX

    Sorry if this was mentioned already but a lot (if not all) of Madonna's albums on the US iTunes Store are selling for $4.99. I still prefer physical releases - I LOVE VINYL! I wanted to just let you all know incase you want to build up your digital music collection.
  9. MonsieurX

    Okay. It was more of a hybrid...I hate to bring it up but because we are talking ticket prices...Are you able shed any light as to what the prices looked like back then?
  10. MonsieurX

    Didn't The Virgin Tour technically count as a "theater tour"?
  11. MonsieurX

    Madonna doesn't due "simple" and I expect that to hold true even with these theater performances. The prices have a lot to do with the exclusivity and intimacy of the venue. You can argue the same thing for Broadway musicals like Hamilton. It's simple math. There are only a select number of seats within these theaters and by offering tickets at a range of prices, it allows the fans to choose the experience they would like to have / are willing to pay for. Unlike stadiums or arenas which have tens of thousands of seats, theaters do not have the capacity to turn the same profit. I attended an event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and it is a gorgeous venue with great views throughout. I do not have $2,000 per ticket to shell out for front row but I am more than happy to pay $100 - $300 per ticket. These venues have incredible views no matter where you sit. I look forward to being able to enjoy the show with fans that are willing to pay the money for the event. It's a much better experience in my opinion than dealing with those people who aren't even casual fans that managed to purchase scalped tickets. Those people always show up to the show mid-set and then bitch and moan the entire concert because she didn't play "enough of her old stuff" or was "too sexual" or "too old to being doing [insert ageist comment here]"
  12. MonsieurX

    The prices are high but not unreasonable considering that she is not playing in large venues with tens of thousands of seats. She is going to be performing in THEATERS people! This is going to be the most up close and personal show Madonna has ever put on. If you cannot afford the show then do not attend. I am excited and I am glad to share in it with the members of this forum. I understand some of the issues with the tour being a limited engagement. HOWEVER, Madonna is playing in major cities in which it is not hard to get flights to. Make a trip out of it. Bring your friends. HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE MUSIC!
  13. MonsieurX

    How did you know?! I'm impressed.
  14. MonsieurX

    Here we go with the negativity...Let me play the world's smallest violin for you...Or rather the accordion, perhaps?
  15. MonsieurX

    Navigating to shows the same placeholder image as her website. I am so excited!