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  1. MonsieurX

    I came across an article that stated that Madonna will implement a “no phone/camera” policy during the Madame X Tour. Some venues have been using Yondr pouches that physically lock up your device, so that it cannot be accessed during the show. What are your thoughts on this? I personally believe this is a fantastic idea. Nothing is worse than not being able to see the stage due to a sea of smartphones being held up. It will force fans to enjoy the music and the company of each other.
  2. MonsieurX

    Happy Birthday Madonna!
  3. MonsieurX

    What account?!?!
  4. MonsieurX

    I just called the 1800 number. They are still awaiting the shipments of the Rainbow Vinyl + The LGBT Flag. They stated my clear vinyl shipped and to allow 5 to 9 days.
  5. My orders from still say “Unfulfilled”. Has anyone else noticed this? When will everything ship?
  6. Is anyone else hoping that Madonna does I Don’t Search I Find live?!?!
  7. I was able to fix Batuka. Here is a before and after clip of how I fixed the outro. It is a short clip of the end of the track to demonstrate the correction. The clip starts right near the part where the glitch is (at about :3 seconds in). The fixed outro starts at :18 seconds. [Hidden Content]
  8. It isn't a glitch. It's a faint "glitchy" synth noise behind the vocal.
  9. Has anyone else noticed a click or pop at the end of Batuka? When there is about :15 seconds left in the song, there is a noticeable audio glitch... UPDATE: I opened the song in Logic Pro X on my Mac and as you can see in the screenshot, there is a tiny audio glitch in the track...Bummer, the outro is so beautiful.
  10. For those interested, Apple Retail is promoting Madame X! These screensavers are on every demo device on the sales floor in every Apple Store. Check it out! [Hidden Content]
  11. Can someone provide some historical/political insight as to what Madonna is saying lyrically regarding these oppressed groups? What is the central message here? I feel a bit naive but this song has been giving me chills. Anyone else?
  12. I Don’t Search I Find sounds like a COADF outtake. Giving me Deeper and Deeper vibes. The way Madonna sings the first line makes it sound like it’s a Killers Who Are Partying: Part II.
  13. IMO: The Mirwais tracks without a doubt stand out more than those produced by Hazzard and Mike Dean. There is a clear difference in some of the production. The transition from Come Alive to Extreme Occident seems a bit odd and abrupt. I think I need to listen to the Standard Edition to get a better understanding. Best album since Confessions on a Dance floor. COADF still slays. Rebel Heart was the seed from which Madame X sprouted.
  14. Is it me or during Crazy during the line, “Você me põe tão louca” doesn’t it sound like, ”Say me: Puta Loca!”?
  15. Counting down to the iTunes/Apple Music release in the USA! I am looking forward to seeing how it will perform on the iTunes charts!