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  1. MonsieurX

    In Vogue specifically the 12-inch remix, I understand that Lucky Star was used as a sample (both in the single-edit and the 12-inch remix) but towards the bridge before the rap, I heard some filtered vocals, were any other Madonna songs sampled? Everybody perhaps?
  2. MonsieurX

    Do you think we will see an official remix release for God Control? Didn’t Offer Nissim create a remix a while back?
  3. Does anyone have any insight as to the “party” talk that occurs at the start and during the bridge before the “Don’t want to grow old too fast...” lyric of Where’s The Party? It sounds like Madonna, Donna and Nikki. Can anyone make out what they are saying or the story behind it?
  4. MonsieurX

    Has anyone been able to interpret the added verse in the live version now that we have some fan recordings of the show?
  5. MonsieurX

    Someone please type this up.
  6. MonsieurX

    You should take up debate. You’re very good at it.
  7. MonsieurX

    Fair point. I’m not trying to argue with you so much as just express my passion for the love of her music and performances. Thank you for listening. I’m sorry if I came off rude. Madonna just means a lot to me and truly saved my life. (Get a job at LiveNation so you can give us some insider information. ) XO.
  8. MonsieurX

    Are you capable of getting on a stage and singing and dancing your ass off for 2+ hours? It’s hard work. A lot of production went into the creation of this tour. She doesn’t go on late for shits and giggles. There are a lot of moving parts and the lateness I’m sure is in part to ensuring that every element of the show goes off without a hitch. Everybody is a critic. I’m tired of “die hard fans” continuing to put her through the wringer simply because she goes on late. Get over it. Once again, if you have a problem with it, request a refund or don’t buy a ticket.
  9. MonsieurX

    Thank you for asking a question that is not related to her lateness. The James Baldwin quote at the intro was amazing. Dark Ballet was magical. I loved what she did with Future. The way she incorporated her old songs like Rescue Me was fun and playful. The costume during the Fado club section was my favorite!
  10. MonsieurX

    She is not killing off her viability at all. LiveNation is loving the money they are making off of her. Money talks. It’s not like LiveNation is revoking her contract because of her tardiness.
  11. MonsieurX

    You are correct, I can’t show up to work late but I’m also not a successful music artist who has made a name for myself and struggled to get to where I am. Madonna could have cancelled tonight. She wasn’t feeling well and after hearing boos from behind the curtain she could have called the whole show off. Once again, if you don’t like her lateness - don’t go. It’s not going to change. The theater was still packed despite her lateness and the negative energy from the audience.
  12. MonsieurX

    It’s RUDE. Period. People need to handle it like adults and not act like school aged children. Booing is immature. If you don’t like it, go to the box office and complain...She’s not anyone’s bitch. I’m sorry but I have no sympathy for people that were cursing at her, calling her a cunt, or booing. If you can’t plan your life accordingly, don’t go to the show...Go on a date that is more suitable for you or make arrangements so you can enjoy yourself. I specifically planned a trip to Vegas to see Madonna. If you don’t like the lateness then leave. Is it a bit “unprofessional” - sure. At the end of the day she doesn’t care. People need to get over it. She has been going on late for at least the past ten years and it’s not going to change. I don’t understand why people think this is suddenly a new thing. With every tour people bitch and moan about her lateness. Deal with it.
  13. MonsieurX

    WHAT A GREAT EVENING! People were so rude. They booed because of her lateness and some eventually left. I loved every minute of the show! It was a unique experience. I hope they film it for DVD/Blu-Ray/CD. The polaroid was bought for about $5,000 - $6,000 to a guy named Anthony who she kept referring to as “the pizza guy” (he owns pizza shops). Madonna joked and stated that he shorted her a few bucks. Her voice was a little raspy. She stated she had a chest cold. Overall what an AMAZING opening night for Las Vegas!
  14. MonsieurX

    I’m ready for Madame X!