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  1. The same caps from my PAL DVD: Doesn't look that much different :( Maybe a little brighter but still as blurry as the NTSC one!
  2. A medley of various performances with RH in the background would work better than the RH performance itself IMO!
  3. Gargamel

    Lana Del Rey

    Btw her gorgeous new video for Lust for Life is out!!
  4. Gargamel

    Lana Del Rey

    it was false obviously! There's still no official release date announced for now!
  5. I did try it and it's not as great as I expected lol! The functionalities are very limited! And nope you can't post pics directly from your computer (only works with touchscreen PCs I believe) Well for now, that app was released recently so hopefully they'll add that option soon... Btw, thanks for the link, @@groovyguy! ☺
  6. Voted! Yep don't remove the Erotica theme please, it's by far the most beautiful
  7. So f*cking happy! You can go home Marine (and please never come back)
  8. Happy birthday @@ArthurBadin! Have a great day!
  9. More pics from https://bfa.com:
  10. Gargamel

    Lana Del Rey

    She's fucking gorgeous! Her smile is incredible In bigger resolution from her instagram:
  11. @@blondebombshell: Are you on windows? If so you should try the instagram app for PC/Tablet (downloadable on Windows Store). I haven't tried it yet but i'm 99% sure you can post pics on it ;)
  12. Joyeux anniversaire, @@MithrandirCreations! Have a great day ^^
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