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  1. Yung Rapunxel

    No, the video is still there I don't know why they uploaded separately, if they could've merged.
  2. Yung Rapunxel

    A restoration of a super 8 mm is unlikely
  3. Yung Rapunxel

    Finally! It looks so good Although it's not RM4K, the quality is pretty much a great upgrade!
  4. I miss those photoshoots outtakes leaks :sis:

  5. Levitating alone is a perfect pop song I'm praying for Madonna and Missy not to ruin the song
  6. This will be counting as streaming as well
  7. Yung Rapunxel

    time has not been kind to him
  8. Yung Rapunxel

    This is going straight to streaming services, it's the best option and later to home media why are you guys whining for it's like you don't know whom you stan
  9. Yung Rapunxel

    Her birthday is close, oh gawd please let us have a leak spree
  10. Yung Rapunxel

    I wish we could get a b-roll for her birthday, rise and shine ray of light
  11. Yung Rapunxel

    10 songs genres: ambient, dark techno-pop, bubblegum bass, post-club [a mix of harp, banjo, mandolin, harpsichord with synthesisers, sequencers, graphic equalisers] Producers: SOPHIE, Olof Dreijer (from The Knife), the Haxan Cloak featuring: Kelela & Sevdaliza album cover concept: häxan, old german witches and nuns, a party-techno-bunker in the pits of the black forests
  12. We WON girlies Who could only but the Madonna from Kosovo, having two legends on her sophomore era

  13. liberals giving me a nerve itch :kiss2:

  14. Yung Rapunxel

    I was very happy with how TOAC was her "Justice for American Life" moment but that was one-off thing only, we can say that's the most of her Anti-Kylie-Shows we are gonna get in her whole life