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  1. Geez… calm down. Relax. Have a cup of tea. It was a joke. 😕
  2. A slightly random one, but at the beginning of Miles Away on the Sticky & Sweet DVD, she yells, “are you having a good time?”. I really don’t know how this became a thing, but during lockdown my boyfriend and I would be working in separate rooms. Every now and then we would shout it across the flat to acknowledge the other was still there. 🤣
  3. Living For Love, Rebel Heart Tour - the opening procession up the runway towards the main stage, right up to “I let down my guard”, when the cape comes off. I saw both shows at the O2 in London. On both nights the crowd went insane when that damn cape finally disrobed without incident!
  4. Hung Up, The Confessions Tour - everything from, “But it’ll be too late”, when the music goes quiet, up to and including, “I don’t know what to do”, followed by THAT epic catwalk down the runway, dry-humping the boom box, crash to the floor, head thrown back, balloon drop and CHORUS!
  5. Some thoughts from black, transgender comedian Flame Monroe:
  6. I always thought the line, ‘I will be poor if the poor are humiliated’, was super-cringey, considering how insanely expensive her concert tickets have become!😂
  7. Hey New_Boy. I just caught up with all the comments overnight and wanted to say thank you for watching the Closer special. There were at least 3 people on the thread who had some very strong things to say about Chappelle who hadn’t watched it. Personally, I don’t think it’s fair to criticise someone without listening to what they’ve said first, in it’s entirety, within its original context. I appreciate you took the time to watch it and form a more nuanced opinion, and (*spoiler alert*), in part, I think we might even agree! I definitely felt there were many things Chappelle said during the show that were offensive (especially that repeated space Jews joke?!), but that doesn’t necessarily make him bigoted/racist/transphobic/misogynistic. I agree it’s also an older style of comedy. Perhaps where we disagree is my appreciation of satire and his provocative, uncomfortable humour to draw attention to serious issues. I understand that might not be appreciated by a younger, more sensitive audience. For full disclosure, I’m 40, and I laughed quite a few times. Does that make me old?! 😳 I’m guessing you’re probably younger than me, but even if it’s a dated style of comedy, older people deserve to laugh to. Regardless of how it’s delivered, it’s still drawing attention to these issues and stimulating conversation and debate. People don’t always agree, but shutting down the conversation - cancelling people - inhibits any further opportunity for understanding, and I think we agree about that. I’ve watched many of Blaire White’s videos and interviews and I think she’s brilliant. I’m less interested in the trans-related topics and more about her politics. Again, for full disclosure I’m not American. I live in the UK, but I’m definitely not a fan of progressive social liberalism and woke ideology. I’d describe myself as a classical liberal, slightly centre-right, especially when it comes to fiscal economics, and more closely aligned with Dave Rubin if you’ve ever watched any of his videos. I disagree with you regarding the Guy Oseary comment. I’ve noticed a lot of fans blaming Oseary for every perceived mid-step in Madonna’s career, as if she’s completely oblivious and incapable of making these decisions on her own. She’s a big girl. She was clearly involved with the edit and having sorted through this discussion, I believe she included Chappelle because his speech (and career) clearly chimes with the ‘artist’s are here to disturb the peace’ mantra of the show. That doesn’t necessarily mean she agrees with everything he says though, but she clearly recognises and supports an artist’s right to freedom of speech. I could be wrong, it’s just my opinion, but I believe that’s why she included him in the show. I suppose the long and short of it, is that we don’t all think the same. We’re not always going to agree, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friendly, kind and engaged with one another. This thread has revealed a range of opinions, which we’re all entitled to, and I’m glad I engaged with you in this discussion. I hope you are too. For everything we may disagree upon, I hope you at least considered my posts polite and respectful. I do take offence at being told I ‘should be ashamed’ and ‘to go fuck myself’. You’re clearly very passionate about these issues, and I respect that, but it’s counterproductive to confuse passion with anger. I think you’ll always be more persuasive if you don’t swear and shame others. To quote Madonna, quoting W.H. Auden at the Women’s Rights March, “we must love one another or die”. Despite our differences, I genuinely hope there is far more that can unite us, namely our passion for Madonna! Which, funnily enough, brings me full circle back to Dave Chappelle and a final quote from Daphne: T“I don’t need you to understand me, just believe I’m having a human experience”. Peace and good day to you. 🙂 x
  8. Don’t do it! You’ll miss the concluding episodes of Grace & Frankie. 😀
  9. I think you missed my point, which is not to judge people without listening properly to what they have to say. If you did watch the entirety of his show, you’d realise Chappelle is definitely not a bully. Quite the opposite in fact. Personally, I try not to judge people based on small nuggets of information, assumptions or from the opinions of others. I’d at least listen carefully to everything they have to say first, before drawing my conclusions. But of course, you’re entitled to your opinion as well. No disrespect intended.🙂
  10. Okay, I don’t want to antagonise you. All I’d say is, as a Madonna fan I can think back on countless examples of people accusing her of being a whore, a witch, a child snatcher, a racist, the devil… all because they judged a short video clip or saw a photo in a magazine. Perhaps if they’d give her the time of day, listened, opened their hearts and minds, they would have reached a very different conclusion. Madonna clearly values what Chappelle had to say. I’m not suggesting we all have to agree with everything she thinks; but I would have thought his inclusion in the Madame X film would be enough of a reason to try and understand him a little bit better. I genuinely think you might be surprised if you did watch the entirety of his show.
  11. I think you should read through the thread. If you do, you’d quickly realise the controversy surrounding Chappelle and trans people has existed long before he spoke at the L.A Madame X show, and of course Madonna would have been aware of it. No one is stirring shit about M, I only asked out of genuine curiosity what people thought about his inclusion in the concert film, given his recent controversy. Have you even seen the Chappelle show in question on Netflix? If you haven’t, I’d suggest watching it in it’s entirety before drawing conclusions about him. Based on what you’ve written, it sounds like you’ve already formed an opinion, without even giving him the opportunity to hear what he has to to say.
  12. Are you talking about to Da Baby’s HIV comments? I think there’s quite a big difference between Chappelle’s brand of comedy and Da Baby’s rant. A lot of people clearly understand the empathetic intentions of Chappelle’s performance, even if his message is delivered in a provocative way. Conversely, Da Baby’s HIV speech was so bizarrely ignorant, offensive, out of touch, and impossible to justify. He wasn’t making a joke or trying to breakdown misconceptions through comedy. He just genuinely thought gay people living with HIV are disgusting. It was said without any irony and he assumed his audience would agree with him.
  13. I completely agree. I also accept some people may not understand his intentions and if even if they did, they may still be offended by the provocative way he delivers his message. In that respect, I think he and Madonna are very aligned. I can’t count the number of times she has been misquoted or prejudged out of context. I assume that’s the reason why she included him in the concert film.
  14. Okay, I watched it. It was quite funny and poignant. I understand the message ContraPoints is making, but I can also acknowledge Blaire White’s point of view. I’m not trans and it’s definitely not my place to say either one is right or wrong. They’re both entitled to their opinion and clearly there is difference of opinion amongst trans people. Likewise, gay people can disagree with one another. Black people can disagree with each other. Madonna fans can disagree with one another! As proven here today, just because you exist within the same social demographic group doesn’t mean you have the same lived experiences or opinions. To be clear, I’m not ‘using my oppression to oppress others’. I’m not looking for sympathy either. I only stated my identity for you to understand that I’m not some ignorant person who has no history, empathy or understanding of what bigotry and hate is. I get it. I know how it feels and I’m not unsympathetic to others who experience it beyond me. But I also understand the importance of freedom of speech, debate, discussion and acknowledging it’s possible to agree to disagree, without being aggressive or disrespectful. You attacked me when I was trying to engage in a polite and meaningful discussion about Madonna, which has now gone off-topic. With that said, and having read through the comments, there’s clearly a range of opinions, which is making us think and discuss these issues, so for that reason, I’m glad Madonna included Chappelle in the concert special. Artists are here to disturb the peace and it has definitely been disturbed today! Thank you for responding to the thread. I’ll now leave you in… peace!
  15. I’m the person who opened this thread. Thank you for your response. I was hoping for a nuanced discussion rather being told to be ashamed and ‘fuck myself’. For your information I’m gay, mixed race, born Muslim, an immigrant and a vegan. I’m also a huge Madonna fan, which is why I’m on this forum. With exception to my gender identity I could be the poster boy for intersectional identity politics and I am well aware of what bigotry, hate and shame feel like. I put quotation marks arounds the words ‘transphobia’ because I acknowledge people can have different points of view and I didn’t want to offend anyone. I’m not a trans person and I don’t want to speak on anyone else’s behalf, therefore I think it would be far more appropriate to listen to the words of someone who is trans to appreciate the nuances of their opinion. I would urge you to watch the video below before making any further assumptions about me, ‘the trans community’ or Dave Chappelle. My only intention here today was to engage in thoughtful and meaningful discussion about Madonna and freedom of speech. I am not here to offend anyone.
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