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  1. tajybajyboo

    That would be awesome! I'd love her to play some really random songs like Physical Attraction, Angel, Love Makes The World Go Round, I Want You, Bad Girl, Skin, How High, What It Feels Like For a Girl... There are so many possibilities!
  2. tajybajyboo

    Wow! Well there you go. It's interesting because the size of the venues on Sticky & Sweet, MDNA and Rebel Heart kind of dictated that she play to the masses, so the set lists included Vogue, Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, Music, Holiday, La Isla Bonita, (oh and let's not forgot Candy Shop!) - all songs that long-term fans are probably a bit bored of hearing by now. But this theatre tour will allow her to prioritise Madame X songs first and foremost, and hopefully much deeper catalogue and album tracks that we haven't heard for ages, without the average Joe-public complaining she didn't play the only 5 songs from the 80s they know. Assuming we can all get tickets, this could be a very clever way of 'syphoning out the wheat from the chaff', so her most ardent fans get an up close and personal experience and a far more creative show, all whilst still making a tonne of money. And where Madonna leads, others will sure to follow.
  3. tajybajyboo

    I'm very interested in the economics of this 'little' theatre tour. At the the moments she's scheduled to play 67 dates (47 in the US, 20 in Europe), but looking at the gaps in the itinerary, she could play another 17 in the US and possibly another 10 in Europe, which would bring the total to 94. That's assuming she doesn't extend the tour, but it would also make it her longest tour, surpassing MDNA's 88 dates. More likely it'll end up being somewhere between 80-90 shows, similar to Rebel Heart (82 dates) and Sticky & Sweet (85 dates). Obviously the overall attendance figures for this tour will be much lower as she's playing theatres, averaging 3,000 tickets per show, but if she played 85 dates that would be 255,000 in total attendance. However, the average ticket price will be much higher this time, so if she played 85 shows, averaging 3,000 tickets per show, at an average ticket price of $300, the tour would gross $76,500,000. But if it's an average ticket price of $400 it would gross $102,000,000! Given that demand will far outstrip supply, I wouldn't be surprised if average ticket price ends up being far higher on the secondary market, meaning this supposedly scaled-back, intimate little theatre tour could end up being another huge money-spinner for her and Live Nation.
  4. tajybajyboo

    More dates have been added to New York, LA, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and the dates for Boston, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and Miami have been announced! There are now: 17 dates in New York, 6 in Chicago, 3 in Las Vegas, 11 in Los Angeles, 2 in Boston, 3 in Philadelphia, 5 in Miami. Looking at the gaps it's possible they could add more to Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Boston and Miami, but probably not for Philadelphia.
  5. tajybajyboo

    I think it's a some point on Thursday, but can any of the Legacy members confirm what time they received their email/text for the pre-sale today?
  6. tajybajyboo

    Here's hoping! I haven't had this much anxiety buying tickets since the Drowned World back 2001. I wish I'd been old enough to have seen the Girlie Show at Wembley Stadium. That would've been cool!
  7. tajybajyboo

    That's so amazing! You must be so happy. I'm so jealous!
  8. tajybajyboo

    This is probably a ridiculous question but if anyone doesn't want to use all of there 4 ticket allowance, please put me out of my misery and DM me? I'm biting my fingernails down to the bone in anxiety...
  9. tajybajyboo

    Can i Just say after the debacle over Eurovision over the weekend, I was debating leaving this forum on Sunday. It felt like such a toxic environment to be a Madonna fan, so it's really lovely to hear fans on this thread feeling excited and positive! Thank you.
  10. tajybajyboo

    Question to everyone who's already got London tickets - are you all just getting the most expensive tickets, or getting the VIP packages to ensure the best seats? I only ask because I assume Icon members wouldn't bother paying extra if they can the best seats relatively easy. I have no idea how many Citi card holding fans they're might be, but they'll take a chunk of the best seats as well. Therefore I'm assuming the only way to get the best seats from the public sales would be via the VIP packages, since the most expensive seats will have already sold through by that time?
  11. tajybajyboo

    When you click through, it says you can only buy tickets at the point of sale at the Coliseum? So Is that more like a first come, first serve for anyone that turns up at the venue on Saturday to buy tickets?
  12. tajybajyboo

    Congrats to everyone getting tickets. I'm only a Classic Member so can't believe I have to wait until Thursday to see if I may or may not get the access code. I appreciate there are some who were lucky enough to be around from the very beginning, but I was only born in 1981! At very least, there should be been an opportunity for other Icon members to purchase tickets ahead of the general public and Citi Card holders. Feeling very anxious now...
  13. It’s just petty jealousy. Madonna surpassed Bowie creatively and commercially and if she were a man, she’d never get this much hate. I always try to think of the bigger picture - in years to come no one will care that she missed a few notes, but they’ll remember she defied Eurovision regulations to take a stand in Israel. That takes courage and many great artists are unappreciated in their own time.
  14. I was thinking the same about the Ray of Light VMA performance and actually the Live 8 version had a difficult note as well. People can be so cruel. I can’t imagine how it must feel for her if she read just a few of the comments. It really wasn’t as bad as some people are making out anyway.
  15. I had that feeling reading the comments last night too. It made me so angry, but there have been some really positive things said as well, although you might need to search through the thread to find them. Don’t lose faith. There are still so many of us who got it, loved it and are still really supportive and excited to see her perform. 🙂