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  1. She’s not wearing a mask because she’s already tested positive for the antibodies. Fine - except scientists already assume the virus will mutate, and they don’t yet know how long immunity may last. So until a vaccine is available, no one is immune. If she gets ill, she’ll only have herself to blame. I can’t believe she would put her children’s lives at risk. She’s done a fantastic job educating and raising awareness on Instagram over the last week. Far better than most celebrities and fair-weather social justice warriors, and I commend her for that. It’s obvious she cares, she clearly has a very deep understanding of the issues, and can point towards the solutions. However, standing in a crowd of thousands of people during a viral pandemic, in a country with the second highest death rate in the world, is so unbelievably dumb! She’s been led by anger and emotion, in a situation that requires cool heads and a rational response. She’s more intelligent than this. I truly hope she doesn’t live to regret her decision. As for the rest of the protestors who almost certainly haven’t been tested - I say, shame on them. Deafeating Coronavirus is far more important than protesting racism right now. I make no apologise if that’s not a politically correct thing to say, because coronavirus doesn’t care about institutionalised racism and police brutality. The whole world has been on lockdown to save everyone’s lives. People have given up their freedom. Some have lost their jobs; all for the greater good of humankind. These protesters think their anger elevates them above the law, and they’re putting all our lives at risk if the infection rate spikes again. The police won’t break up the protests because they know someone will inevitably get injured, it’ll get caught on social media, and then we’ll be right back where started! Every Thursday at 8pm, for weeks on end, the whole country applauded the UK’s national health service, thanking all the doctors and nurses for putting their lives at risk, to save ours. Many of those health care providers have died treating, protecting and caring for others. Their sacrifice will be in vain, if these protests create further infections. Coronavirus won’t go away just because people got bored of lockdown and turned their attention to another news story.
  2. I wonder if the ‘oh fuck off’ in the video is directed at her? Why do I get the feeling she’ll get dragged for this somehow? It’s a no-win situation - you don’t post on social media and your accused of being complicit by your silence. Okay, so you post something and then your accused of virtue signalling to make yourself look good! Now she’s turned up at the protest and you just know they’ll be people calling her out for trying to make this all about her. Aye-aye-aye-aye... That said, I don’t agree with her being there. The hypocrisy of the UK media bullying Dominic Cummings for days on end when he broke lockdown, but now there are now thousands upon thousands of people taking to the streets across the world, risking a second spike of infection, when the rest of us are staying at home, maintaining social distance and doing our best to reduce the rate of infection. Where’s the condemnation from the media now? I’m not saying the protesters cause is not worthwhile or important. Of course it is, but now is not the time to be risking thousands more lives! Black lives matter, but Coronavirus is a far bigger problem for the entire world right now. Reducing the rate of infection by maintaining social distance should be everyone’s first priority, not these protests.
  3. tajybajyboo

    I went back and watched them all again, since I'm so bored and stuck at home! This is actually really, really tough. I like all of them in their own unique ways. The Virgin Tour performance is brilliant in it's simplicity. It just feels so easy and joyful. It's very much of it's time and that tour. With the heavier rock guitar, I guess she wanted a sound that would really fill the stadiums she was playing on the Who's That Girl Tour. I don't dislike it but this might be my least favourite. Blond Ambition is perfect. To me, this IS Holiday, probably because it's the closest to the Immaculate Collection. Then again, I love how it evolved in the Girlie Show with the military theme, and the call and response with the audience. I hadn't even thought about it until now, but it was a great way to incorporate the dominance and submission themes of the Erotica album and Girlie Show, into a song that has absolutely nothing to do with either. The Drowned World Tour performance mashed-up with Stardust was so effortlessly cool, but it lacked the scale of the 2 previous tours, with all the dancers on the stage together. That's not necessarily a bad thing though, because it fit the tour really well, and there was something very special about seeing M flanked by Nicki and Donna again, which showed how much she (and her audience) had matured and grown over the years. Re-Invention might've been my second least favourite when I first saw it, only because it's so different and takes a while before the melody kicks in, but... in a way that's what makes it so cool! It builds, and builds, and builds, until it explodes into the song we all know and love! I just wish it were longer. The Sticky & Sweet Celebration performance has so much energy, but it was extremely poignant too. I remember seeing both shows at the O2 London where MJ would have performed his final This Is It concert series. It was heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time, and a genuine moment where everyone in the arena applauded. As a fan of both, I felt so sad to think I would never see MJ perform again, but at the same time, so grateful and happy to have Madonna still around. Which leaves Rebel Heart (& Tears of a Clown). I don't dislike the Rebel Heart performance but there isn't anything about it that particularly sticks in my mind. The flags around the world had already been done in Reinvention and the arrangement is basically the same as the first album with a couple of breakdowns added. I always find it odd when people walk out of concerts before the final song because they're so desperate to beat the traffic, but in this instance I honestly wouldn't have cared if I'd missed it. In fact I'll go so far as saying I would've preferred to end the show with the original Avicii uptempo mix of Rebel Heart, although I appreciate that wouldn't have been as a good a crowd-pleaser! All that said, I think the evolution of Holiday is a brilliant example of what make Madonna so special and unique as a performer. To evolve a song in so many ways is the very reason why she's remained so interesting to me over the years. Most veteran performers have a tick-list of songs on their set-lists, so you know exactly what you're getting, but Madonna doesn't want to just repeat herself, and I love the ways she's re-invented her back catalogue over each tour, particularly in the latter part of her career. It doesn't always work to everyone's satisfaction, but it always keeps things interesting. Great question!
  4. tajybajyboo

    This is tough! Blond Ambition and Girlie Show are absolute classics, but I'm going with Sticky & Sweet. I loved the remix with Celebration and the MJ breakdown was awesome. It was such an uplifting moment in the show and I wish it had been included as an extra on the DVD (along with Frozen and Dress You Up).
  5. Oh, hell yeah! I queued overnight in the cold. It was exhausting, but I'll never forget when the lights went down and the sound of the running horses thundering all around me. That show was FIRE! x
  6. He’s so petty, desperate and jealous, but it’s also quite sad when you think about it. It’s like the playground bully lashing out just to get everyone’s attention. Elton John is the same. Isn’t it strange how the mainstream media never call out either of them and refer to their beef with Madonna as a ‘feud’. As far as I can recall, she has only ever responded when asked about it, all be it in a slightly passive-aggressive way; but you can bet the media would be all over it, if she were Taylor Swift! Then again, victimhood is Taylor (and Gaga’s) stock-in-trade! I’m glad Madonna doesn’t complain about it relentlessly. She wouldn’t give them the satisfaction; but unfortunately, ageism and misogyny do walk hand-in-hand, and it remains the last form of unchecked-bigotry in our society. Things will change eventually.
  7. tajybajyboo

    You’re being very defensive and I’m not sure why? Please re-read my last few posts again. I was fantasizing about what kind of music I’d love her to release next, given all the craziness going on in the world right now. I wrote and I’ll repeat that I like Medellin, but at the moment I‘d love to hear a song that has the urgency to rush to the dance floor. Medellin had a much more laid back vibe. Madame X was a bit more introspective. Nothing wrong with. It’s just right now I’m in the mood to dance , having been on lockdown for 2 weeks. I was clearly joking about her moving into a gay club. I even put a smiley face next to it. I’m not sure if you think comparing Madonna to Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga is some kind of insult. It really isn’t - they’re all great artists in their own right and right now they have some great dance tracks out. That’s all I was saying. Do you really think I’m stuck in 2005 if I’m writing on this forum in 2020? Of course not. I’m here because I’m a huge fan, trying to connect with other fans. I saw Madame X 3 times spending thousands of pounds in the process. We all have different opinions and that’s fine. We don’t need to attack each other just because we don’t always agree. Please think more carefully before you post. You’ve misunderstood and misjudged me. This is supposed to be a place to bring fans together, not to tear each other down. x
  8. tajybajyboo

    Umm... what? Why the aggression? Re-read my post. I actually said I like Medellin. I never said she’s lost it or she less of an artist? What are you even talking about?
  9. tajybajyboo

    I agree! I loved Medellin too. It was not what I was expecting at all, and guess it was a bit 'marmite' for some. It's not so much a song that sounds exactly like Hung Up, but something that evokes that sense of urgency to rush to the dance floor! Going a bit off topic, but I'm loving Dua Lipa's Physical at the moment and even Stupid Love has that energy. Maybe Madonna could move in to gay club for the next 4 years to get some inspiration! Ha ha!
  10. tajybajyboo

    Ahh! The memories. It was 2005. There was no corona virus and every Saturday night was a party! I hope all the shit going on the world right now inspires her to create something uplifting, energetic and fun. God knows, we all need our spirits raised right now.
  11. tajybajyboo

    Oh the irony of people criticizing Madonna for having a point of view, saying she’s out of touch, when just a few, short weeks ago they were complaining about their show being cancelled! Boo hoo you. A concert that many of us paid hundreds, if not thousands of dollars/euros/pounds for - but that’s okay because all the terrible things going on in the world didn’t matter back then, as long we got to see our show! Now this virus is on our doorstep, and she, like everyone one else is scared and vulnerable, and yet people seem to forgot everything she did during the AIDS epidemic, and all the things she’s been doing quietly raising money, building schools, orphanages and hospitals for an impoverished and long-forgotten, African nation, ravaged by AIDS, over the last 2 decades! Was she out of touch with reality then, or maybe people just didn’t give a shit, because that wasn’t their problem? Just because she has hard-earned wealth and privilege, doesn’t mean she can’t be worried for her friends and family. It’s not just about her. I’m sure she has elderly relatives and that was the point she was making - coronavirus doesn’t care how wealthy, famous or celebrated you are. There are no barriers and there is no cure. No one is immune and being treated in a clean, private hospital or a dirty, public hospital won’t make any difference. Where you live and how many staff you have is utterly irrelevant. If you get it and you’re a certain age or have underlying health problems, then you’re at a higher risk of dying. That’s it. People should stop denouncing celebrities for their wealth and privilege because it’s utterly irrelevant. Saving the world is not Madonna’s problem, but fans on this forum should know far better than most, how much she has already done to help it.
  12. tajybajyboo

    At the end of the day, what she said is true - this virus doesn't care who you are - how rich, how famous, or celebrated. That's a simple truth. I don't think she's complaining about it, she's just stating a fact. Let's be honest though - we'd all rather be in a 'safe' mansion, surrounded by assistants, and rose petal bathwater. People complaining about celebrities complaining, is just the politics of envy at it's worst. It's petty virtue-signalling and does nothing to help the situation. She may live in her own protected little bubble, but its a bubble she created through her own hard work; and it's a bubble we were all willing to pay for. It's not a crime to be rich and successful; and we'd all much rather be where she is, than in whatever shit situation we find ourselves in. The way some people are talking on social media, you'd think the world's problems began with the Coronavirus. In reality, there were and will continue to be so many other catastrophes happening all around the world, that many people will never pay attention to. The only reason we all suddenly care now, is because this catastrophe is happening to all us. Ask yourself - did you really give a shit about all the dispossessed people around the world when you paid hundreds, if not thousands for your Madame X tour tickets, less than a year ago? No, of course not! My point is, all humans are inherently selfish. We care about what affect us, and turned a blind eye when it doesn't. Meanwhile, she's being trying to raise an impoverished nation over the last 2 decades, but does anyone ever talk about that? Assuming all this gets resolved, we'll all go back to worrying about the same petty shit we did before, like when's the Madame X DVD coming out, and how many filters the editor will use! Nothing changes.
  13. This is gorgeous! I work in the Home Entertainment special packaging industry, and it's my dream to make something like this for Madonna. I suspect it will happen one day, but probably not until after her retirement.
  14. tajybajyboo

    I saw the show three times in London, including the rescheduled first night, moved to the last show, and the February 5th show, with I Rise performed a capella in front of the iron curtain. That was the full show (minus Crave, Sodade, & Papa Don't Preach), and it was prefaced with a good couple of anxiety-filled hours waiting for it to start, uncertain whether it would be the full show, or forced to finish early due to the curfew. I actually enjoyed the 2 other shows far more, even though they were the shortened, probably because there was less anxiety going in, knowing it would be edited down. I thought the show itself was a solid 3 stars, but it definitely falls short of M's career best. Her singing was actually really good and that's often her detractors' main criticism. But the set looked cheap, and with exception to the Fado section, the costumes were forgettable. THAT BIB?! For me, the best part of the show was surprisingly Batuka and the Fado club third act. Overall the Madame X songs were excellent, but being fair, it's not my favourite album, which also impacts my 3 star review. However, the older songs were too few and far in between. Human Nature was okay. I enjoyed Vogue mostly because it was sung live. American Life was a welcome return. Frozen was excellent but Like a Prayer was in my humble view, the worst version she's ever performed on tour - that lazy trap beat sucked all the energy out if it - although it was better than Eurovision and the MET Gala performances. My least favourite part of the show were the many long, long monologues, which were so scripted or just plain awkward. Mostly though, it was all the nonsense outside the show that impaired my enjoyment. Madonna and controversy usually walk hand-in-hand, but not this time. In hindsight, If I'm really honest, I regret spending so much money on this tour, but I would trade a kidney to see the Confessions, Sticky & Sweet or even Rebel Heart again in a theatre setting. All said and done, I would definitely buy the DVD/Blu-ray. If anything, all of the above is failure of my expectations, not her intentions, and in time, I'm sure I'll be able to appreciate this tour for everything it was, as opposed to decrying all the things it was never meant to be. Ultimately, that's why I love her music so much - you never know what you're going to get and that's exciting. I'm glad she's interested and trying new and different things. There are so many artists who just hit repeat and that's fine if you're only interest in nostalgia, but Madonna always offers so much more. I guess this one wasn't for me, but that's okay. I'm glad other fans enjoyed it and hopefully, I'll enjoy the next tour more!
  15. tajybajyboo

    And on Blu-Ray too! I recently bought a 65 inch LG TV and the Rebel Heart Tour looks amazing! There’s a feature called Trumotion which increases the frame rate by adding in ‘extra’ frames to smooth the picture. Essentially, the image appears cleaner, sharper and more realistic, like a TV broadcast, but it’s rubbish for watching most movies because the image looks hyper-real and you lose the cinematic quality the filmmakers intended.