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  1. You have to react in the original post.
  2. There was a live stream on instagram for the final moments. And celebration was the last one.
  3. FINALLY ENOUGHT LOVE AND A GOOD STYLIST! She looked AMAZING, the hair, the outfits, the make up, everything was on point. Loved to see her dance again, she still got the moves. The new song sounded good, can't wait to hear it in HQ. The queen is back.
  4. Love this project! So many amazing collectible items. The tracklist is great, I understand why she had to make some compromises, going for 50 has quite an impact! It's nice for a release between big eras. Nothing to hate.
  5. You have to tag correctly your files, if the ID tag of the file is not detailed enought then everything is going to be messy. Tags include artist, album name, track name, track number, for example. That information is included on the file, the title is not enought. So if you tag correctly the confessions tour demos and the confessions album, they'll play correctly. This is a free software you can use (It's not only for mp3) https://www.mp3tag.de/en/ Love, and let me know if you need further assistance.
  6. This looks beautiful. I think the difference with other videos is because the master tape is from late 90's so is better than other videos that were older.
  7. Definitely, she doesn't even know were are her tours film masters, imagine searching for the films of ALL of her videos... Won't happen anytime soon, nobody is gonna bother.
  8. Yes, it was definitely a sign of just releasing things as they are and that's it. In the end, we are talking of the same team that never bothered to upload the HD version of confessions tour on the itunes store. On the other side, reconstructing the videos from scratch is highly expensive, is she really that profitable at this time to justify the budget?
  9. Indeed, this is a polished and upscaled tape master. Looks good for what it is, definitely better than nothing and an upgrade from previous sources. Sadly, that's what we have to accept of M's team, it's been years this way and I don't think it will change anytime soon.
  10. Loved by M, not so love by fans. Why's that? Hipnotic song that brings you into a sugar tunnel. Incredible perfomances in the tours, highlights for sure.
  11. Maybe a digital playlist, in the best case. I hope warner puts a stop in the aldo diaz days. Her love for his artworks shows how low is her creative taste right now.
  12. The full multi-angle recording of the show exists from the screens feed broadcasted that night, but of course she doesn't know where that footage is, like with most important footage in her career. Here we have a small clip from the screens
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