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  1. An instagram post with the lowest quality pictures her team can find on yahoo search.
  2. New part is at the beginning when she's behind the curtain, with the flag, until "this is your wake up call, I'm like your nightmare, I'm here to start your day" and the curtain goes up.
  3. The film crew filmed the Lisbon dress rehearsal (general and on stage) and the first two Lisbon shows. Reshots were mainly for God Control, Frozen and Future because she didn't liked the action happening behind the curtain. The rest is from regular cameras and phones, and still with so tight footage material she managed to screw the film and continuity.
  4. Because the shows didn't had a camera set-up for a live feed so there wasn't that many source material (even studio re-shoots were needed). Still she choosed atrocious footage for the beer bitch and the photo segment.
  5. Each show has been recorded professionally for promo/archive, but not for release, the production scheme is different. Altought some footage can be used again ruining the film, such as Rebel Heart, wich uses the intended for release film mixed with regular images, creating an atrocious quality jump. Let's hope she doesn't get the final cut this time.
  6. I can't even imagine how artists are feeling about this nightmare, must be so disturbing hearing your voice like that.
  7. We can expect an holographic cover for the original 1983 Ardiendo vinyl (delivered in december) and a low quality shirt anytime soon
  8. What's shown on the screens is a pro shoot made with professional cameras. The difference you're trying to make is commercialy releasable / not commercially releasable. The live feeds are done professionaly but with no intentions of being released in any format, just to be watched by that night audience and then storaged in the archive. When a show is intended to be filmed and released, another profesional production scheme is used. Both are professional.
  9. It's for the best, a movie wasn't enought. Maybe we'll get a TV series in the future.
  10. None, the one with differences is sticky and sweet SKY TV
  11. I was just saying I'm a CD guy as the other person, wasn't expecting a CD in this release. Just really happy so many things are being released
  12. I'm with you, vinyls are cute but I'm a CD guy Altought I won't be buying it's so exciting to see so many new stuff getting released! Can't wait for those hidden gems
  13. Top 10 for a remix compilation album is an amazing perfomance! Long life to the queen
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