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  1. I've been making my own for years now, I do A2 poster size ones from CeWe great quality and reasonable price
  2. They are stunning, but just my opinion there were some much better *outtakes* and I did think we'd get more of the *pearls* shots almost like a contact sheet type spread, they need to do a coffee table book of the whole shoot
  3. I agree but I looked at it like this... it will most likely sell out and then be on ebay for $100 each
  4. All the stunning looks wev'e been getting lately and this is what she chose does nobody around her have the balls to say erm NO not that Now if she'd worn that BBQ/Caravan look
  5. I love all the Ray Of Light looks and of course 1990/91 blond bob/curls but i have a soft spot for 2004 ReInvention era long loose curls soft honey blond etc
  6. I think the light blond pieces are wefts of hair (not hers)
  7. love the honey blonde almost red hung up look, but also re invention long soft curls, multi tones are the best i think and i think she rocked the girlie show pixie cut, Damn it she looks good in any colour lol
  8. i was told the legends slot is an afternoon gig ? no way would M do that she would want the main stage at about 11pm
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