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  1. 48 minutes ago, MDNA22 said:

    I thought IGTTYAS and Confessions were brilliantly done and a step up from a straight broadcast type recording - I think they made the best of the showing it still felt like you were watching a live performance  - I agree though that was the start that led to the over edited MDNA and Rebel Heart DVDs that were not 'well done' and so hard to watch and are too far removed from the feeling of a live show


    On the latest twitter video it looks like she is rehearsing frozen but with different choreography to the tour which just had her sat at the piano  - so maybe it is going to be holograms getting added for Frozen unless they are re-shooting the whole number from scratch and don't intend to use the footage from Lisbon?  Am still really surprised she would re-shoot anything after the tour has ended

    at the shows i saw Frozen was performed sitting on boxes behind the Lola projection and futur she was at the piano

  2. I'd love a jazz section with He's a man/sooner or later etc  i could imagine a similar setting to music/RHT but with M in a glitzy gown type ?  reinventing Breathless ( i'm really digging I'm Breathless at the moment  (sorry)

  3. For me i always remember seeing the Papa don't prech video as a child on TOTP and became besotted with her look and the fact they never showed the full video lol, the next really big moment was some friends of mine went to see the Who's that girl tour in London (i was too young to go) so i asked them to bring me back a poster and a programme, which i adored, i used to visit HMV just to look at their massive You can dance window display (back in the days when you had proper promotional displays,  i then spent all of 1988 buying her back catalogue and getting as many items i could, i discovered i already owned several 7" singles from the early 80's but i don't recall buying them.  then came 1989 and LIKE A PRAYER i went to woolworths and bought all the formats and listened to it over and over i was able to see the 3 blond ambition shows in Wembley and it blew my mind, this woman who i adored was in front of me (well a few thousand in front of me) but i didnt care i was in the same area as her i have been to every tour since multiple times in various countries and as long as she keeps doing them i will keep going  lol,  i did think i was a bit obsessive in 1999 when i called in sick to work and went into every appropriate store in london and begged them for their max factor dispalys to which i was awarded some real jems in terms of promotional items. but got a ticking off from work as i had been seen trying to get on the tube with a 9ft Madonna display board lol

    i am as big a fan today as ever i adore this woman, i'm not fond of  some of the things she does or wears etc but in my opinion she's earned the right to do what the f*ck she wants lol

    i also like the more natural Madonna especially now i think she looks more beautiful when she doesn't try so hard,

  4. Does anyone know if the simbols on the "Erotica set picture" have some meaning???


    I mean the "Heart" x "Cup of coffee" = "Ray" thing..

    I think it was to do with the maverick label ? i could be wrong but i remember seeing it a lot during that period

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