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  1. blondboi559

    Vogue Express Yourself Give it to me
  2. blondboi559

    really well put together thank you for all your hard work x
  3. blondboi559

    if she does she would most likely do like a prayer? and then everyone will hate on her for doing LAP again lol
  4. i really hope the LAP is from the Sydney show with her hair loose and in the dress, truly great performance IMO
  5. blondboi559

    Totally agree with madmark, Give it to me had so much energy and then in the later shows when she came off stage was insane
  6. blondboi559

    The more i see it the more i love it, yes it would be cool to see her in a OTT outfit but this to me says - i'll wear what i want etc cannot fault the hair and face even the cheeks seem ok the grills i will just have to get over lol that pic from inst..afterparty is to die for
  7. blondboi559

    I have seen the seller on ebay and you have convinced me to buy one now, I LOVE the Breathless pic where did you get it in such good quality? (if i may ask)
  8. love the use of a contact sheet
  9. Stunning They love us to spend money don't they lol another magazine with multiple covers,
  10. blondboi559

    I hate that hat!! she looked hot as hell last week at the fashion show, this look is a bit tacky, I love her and respect her choice to wear what the hell she likes, It fasinates me how one week she looks flawless and then the next OTT and tacky (IMO) I actually think she looks better when she isn't trying that hard
  11. blondboi559

    Doesn't she usually go yo the Vanity Fair party? if we do see her I hope she super glam, long dress, NOT black lol either way I hope she has a great night
  12. blondboi559

    This look is EVERYTHING love it, could be taken from the 90's I can even fogive the grills this one time, love the all blond no root hair
  13. blondboi559

    it looks to me like she has just done the photoshoot with the body stocking etc for VOGUE magazine ? the hair is very similar ?
  14. blondboi559

    I think the B&W one is from inside the magazine to start the article/section etc
  15. I think it would be stupid not to include like a prayer, if you watch the youtube vids it is such an epic performance its awesome look at the crowd, etc would be a crying shame not to have that it
  16. blondboi559

    It's the cheeks!! looks like it was done some time ago (short hair?) could be better in the flesh so to speak, at least we will get several different versions/covers to collect
  17. Yet no time to do an official calendar lol
  18. blondboi559

    love the pic they have used
  19. blondboi559

    Slightly off topic sorry but does she no longer wear the red kabalah string?
  20. blondboi559

    love the colour palette but it's too short IMO if she has some sort of frilly kickers? maybe but hope its not all bum flashing again there are some amazing items up for auction
  21. blondboi559

    love it but with some sort of trouser/pants not slutty like last time please (just my opinion)
  22. blondboi559

    They (the press) will never say anything like *since being with Guy he has gone off the rails etc* it will always be Madonna's fault in some way, Her name will always get the attention etc so they will continue to slam her yet barely mention Guy
  23. blondboi559

    Do you guys think this may have a different mood to the first show? I mean the mood was very downbeat also that show was for die hard fans i think this new one will be celebs and industry so maybe more uptemo better known songs ?