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  1. blondboi559

    Thanks for all your replies, I'm gutted TBH i mean how long does it take to look at 13 pictures, not impressed
  2. blondboi559

    Hi all Does anyone have ANY news on the official 2017 calendar? I thought it would have been released by now? I'll be gutted if they don't do one, they could use LOVE magazine pics and/or live pics I dont care but please release one thanks x
  3. blondboi559

    It's a shame he did the Gaga one already, it would be fun to see him dressed up as her (like a virgin, BA cones etc) but I don't think he/she would want to repeat that idea ?
  4. blondboi559

    I actually think the photo is altered in some way, all the other shots from that night her hands are fine, *the Daily Mail* even printed the other shots and failed to notice, *the Sun* had a 2-page article devoteed to other females with similar *hand* issues, it's disgusting that this is consider news at all
  5. blondboi559

    AMAZING thank you to everyone who has shared images/vids etc I really hope (would like) Hillary to aknowledge this and say thank you in some way
  6. blondboi559

    She looks stunning in those birthday pics,
  7. blondboi559

    Please don't hate me- just my opinion - she doesn't look her best here, i've loved all the recent looks when shes been a bit more classy/lady-like and in COLOUR,
  8. I really hope we get the actual backdrop video for rebel heart (all the fan art) and iconic of course
  9. blondboi559

    love those blond ambition ones
  10. blondboi559

    Don't hate me but i miss the extensions :wink:
  11. Love the outfit the details were amazing, I thought the performance was a tad too short maybe one more clip of a song or a longer Purple Rain ? I actually miss the long - long hair this hair was not a good choice IMO
  12. I Hope she does it as herself and not dressed up acting like him (if you know what I mean) it will probably be a montage of hits fininishing with Purple Rain literally pouring down on her??
  13. there is one from London, its shot head on from the back but its a nice recording,
  14. Having watched many vids I hope they leave a lot of the banter/chats IN esp from the last night so cute and funny
  15. i bet we get LAP again so they can edit best shots, such a shame no WTG
  16. If she hasn't already, I hope she does a speach about thanking dancers/band etc I think they have been amazing this tour
  17. im actually tearing up I have LOVED this tour
  18. I'm probably alone in this but i'm not liking those leather pants at the start, it kinda takes the attention away from the drama of the performance cause all I see is her FAB ass, lol please don't do this hair style for the DVD
  19. GREAT news if true, now we will all be fretting about the medley in or out what songs she will wont sing etc personally i would hope for the medley to be IN, and WTG & GT or CFY oh and for her to have the Tokyo/Glasgow hair style
  20. OMG the *send in the clowns* video is awesome she sounds amazing
  21. Thank You all for making this so amazing, I have read every post and got caught up in all the exctement, you all rock!! and she is the f*cking QUEEN xx
  22. I really don't mean to be rude but WTF? that one guy looks so bored and he's facing the wrong way, does he know where he is? I would have killed to be is his spot that close to our Queen,