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  1. blondboi559

    something really cool about crazy for you - hair down - wind blowing etc
  2. blondboi559

    Are there electric fans on stage or is it windy? sorry i've just seen the fans :wink:
  3. i agree, i've seen so many over the years and i have enjoyed this tour the most, i love everything
  4. blondboi559

    I'm sure there was another one where she was given a hello kitty doll ? great vid
  5. blondboi559

    I Agree, WTG & GT get me crying every time, I hope she goes back to these for the filming of the DVD and maybe have all the other *special songs* as extras ?
  6. blondboi559

    Love it when the venue/city makes something special to welcome her, I LOVE that cut out standee going to be an amazing show enjoy all those who are going x
  7. Sad she's gone back to that *crimped* hairstyle
  8. Hey, I haven't seen/heard any videos yet but I get the impression they were a bit reserved ? I'm glad the seating went up to the stage at least from the pics i've seen.
  9. I agree 100% Can't believe I once said they are usually very reserved, I take it back. I spotted several blond ambition type's in the crowd I think it would be so fun to have an UB dressed as M I am LOVING this look too (hair)
  10. I hope she keeps her hair like this for the dvd filming, love this tour so much and it looks like she is too
  11. blondboi559

    really cool thanks for the vids
  12. Agree, maybe Heroes? one of my faves
  13. blondboi559

    Another great show by the looks of things, I do kinda wish she'd keep the *Glasgow/Birmingham* type of hair though, just my opinion
  14. So emotional, I love this woman so much
  15. And the 4th and 5th are from Birmingham
  16. another unique show loved the 1st act hair too
  17. Everyone thats going tonight, have a great time savor every minute
  18. this is stunning thank you is there a way you can send it to Guy? it's worth a shot,
  19. Agree, they even told 2 girls to take off their sequin.flashy hats as *Madonna* wouldn;t want to see them and be distracted!! i mean WTF! Madonna herself commented i think at least 4 times about the strict security, they wouldn't let a fan give her something at the heart stage even though M was leaning out to take it, such a shame BUT like you said she was still amazing
  20. thank you tajybajybooyou have said everything i had planned to say lol, except the medley and WTG bits I personally really want to hear WTG I pray we get it n Birmigham x