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  1. Thank you for writing this, i agree 100% we too had a very drunk girl in front of us who colapsed half way through ICONIC!! then kept leaving trying to come back leaving etc until she basically couldn't stand anymore and left. she was a mess!! the security was a joke how can they not check on entry but then be so strict once inside, I noticed a guy put on foot into the *gap/space* and he was pushed back into line. iv'e had to stop reading the papers etc as its 80% BS she still nailed it IMO yes it's a shame that some songs were cut but I still got to see my idol
  2. blondboi559

    You shoud be fine with the tourbook, In Paris they even had guys walking around inside selling them, but i did notice some items were not on the stands after the show (sold out maybe?) but there were plenty of books, enjoy the show
  3. Me too and WTG would be my dream
  4. Just back from Paris, and all i can say is WOW! What a woman!! I love her so much, this show is the best, no picture or video can relate how awesome this show is live. there is so much going on and at the center of it all is Madonna who I have never seen this happy before. It was everything and more. I hope everyone who attended had as much fun. (hope you like the pic)
  5. If anywhere I would prefer Australia, I think the Asia shows have quite reserved audiences? also remember the confessions tour there was so much space around the stage due to H&S regulations even M comented on it just my opinion
  6. blondboi559

    aren't the blond ambition caps labelled wrong? it says Paris and Nice but the images are from USA shows ? just an observation
  7. blondboi559

    that collage pic would make a great T shirt
  8. blondboi559

    I kinda want her to ditch those dark roots! it looks ok when down but for the 20's section... those roots have a show of their own x
  9. blondboi559

    I'm guessing the workshop footage was early on in rehersals etc (hence the pink hair) and Hold tight didnt make it OR it will be performed at other venues later on?
  10. blondboi559

    IMO and humble as it is, Holiday lacks guts! maybe it's just the videos ATM, Maybe she will change songs here and there, it would be quite easy to fit different songs into the medley etc just my thoughts but love how happy she looks
  11. blondboi559

    are you serious? she's not on stage yet, people are still arriving
  12. blondboi559

    God i'd love one of those huge back drop curtains i hope UB is in there i was looking forward to that
  13. blondboi559

    That is one HUGE stage/catwalk lol i think everybody will get a decent view of her at some point in the show no matter where they sit/stand The t shirts don't grab my attention IMO but will wait and see Good luck M have an awesome show hope everyone there has a ball!
  14. blondboi559

    Is it just me? i cannot see Madonna in the drop down box only keith rishards and the next is walking dead ? anyone can help xox
  15. blondboi559

    Personally mine would be Give it to me, she put the mic in my face at one of the French shows (best moment ever)
  16. blondboi559

    I'd really like her to swap and change a few songs here and there, (pipe dream, i know) but it makes it even more excititng when you not 100% sure what she will sing, IMO I also think she should consider a more Reinvention type set list for Australia/Asia etc they have waited so long they will want to hear the big hits i think?
  17. blondboi559

    I like it, isn't there going to be a remix video ? maybe more footage in that one? I love the jacket one of the male dancers is wearing with M all over it.
  18. blondboi559

    I really don't want Human nature again just my choice but i think she has done it enough, I'm hoping for wash all over me, rebel heart,iconic,devil prey to name just a few
  19. blondboi559

    I totally loved give it to me, thought it was a real crowd pleaser and a stomping song to end on IMO
  20. blondboi559

    Love all these ideas/thoughts i had a feeling we would get living for love as the last song but then it would also work as the opener, so my mind changes i agree with *impin* she has a tough task ahead of her lol. it would be cool to hear some less played songs but i am always happy to see/hear Vogue
  21. WOW Thank you so much, best shoot in a long while IMO