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    Fighting Spirit
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    (do we want a R rating Or do we want a ) X rating X for eXtra Fun (TOD)
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    Nothing Really Matters
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    Erica Bell
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    Burning Up
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    (No risk,no) Glory
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    Can't Stop
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    My favorite performance to date is the Girlie Show I love everything about it : the new arrangement wich was so unpredictible and funny the staging & choreography & the costumes the vocals mains & harmonies and the interaction with the audience Then it's a tie between the WTG & BAT And my least favorite is the RIT because the arrangement feels so syncopated , not seemless like pieces of music put together with no connection with each other
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    Little Nonni
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    I have too . I never had trouble with this seller and the S&H were always great. Though the prices can be be sometimes a liltle high.
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    I'll remember
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    Weber Bruce (Life magazine pictures)
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    Queen's English
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    Nobody's Perfect