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  1. Thanks a lot for your great effort and a big thank to all the contributors. Without all of you we are nothing
  2. Whoa that's a great news for all the M community. I was so upset when I heard that the forum was going to to be closed, so thanks for taking the forum under your wing. Bless you
  3. Great idea It's time to celebrate. For the record I discovered M. in 1984 with the song Holiday and I had the album for my BDay. It reminds me such great memories and I absolutely loved this first album and at the time I would not never have guessed what the future would bring to all of us. She rules forever and ever.
  4. I don't like the album version because I'm not into urban music. But I always liked the live versions and my favorite is probably the MDNA Tour version.
  5. I did a few times and I have nothing to complain about except maybe it can be expensive otherwise they're serious
  6. I don’t give a F*** at what people think of me. After being bullied during my childhood and teenage years I built a thick skin so all the negativity just slides on my back. Madonna taught us that it’s ok to be different,to be the outsider. From difference comes richness,creativity. If everyone was the same the world would be so boring. So Express yourself and Dare to be who you are. We all are great in our own way.Peace. And remember that Music makes the people come together. Yeah.
  7. (do we want a R rating Or do we want a ) X rating X for eXtra Fun (TOD)
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