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  1. ron92

    Yes but she is not a robot. Sometimes the rehearsal starts late or finish later than usual. She and the dancers rehearsed every day even if the theatre is the same because problems can actually happen even if the night before all was good. Before every show she has to be prepare, and that’s require time. I mean, she also has her private things to do with her family, there is a lot more than we imagined behind every shows (not only Madonna). I can understand bad comments when she is really late, but in this case, I think there are just trash. Especially because this time she sing the final song anyway.
  2. ron92

    Those comments are trash. The show is really long, and she already cut Crave. It’s impossible to star earlier because of the line for the phone ecc...
  3. ron92

    I'm sorry but i don't understand the all the bad things against her. I understaned the sadness for not see her, but she's 61 and has a problem. Is she guilty for trying too hard? Maybe. At least she is trying. Maybe after tomorrow's show she will cancel everything, but this things happens when you're human and not an hologram.
  4. ron92

    Unfortunately she is uman and her age doesn't help. If she decided to cancel we can't be angry. In this case we have to expect this.
  5. ron92

    In the show that i saw (january 16th) she used the stairs a lot but with the help of her dancers. I don't know if yesterday they changed the show again. But the show was created with the idea of using those stairs...
  6. ron92

    it's coming today or tomorroe, i promise.
  7. ron92

    My smarthphone LG V50 the audio hardware is amazing.
  8. ron92

    The show was really Amazing last night, but she was in pain. Her dance moves wasn't on point, sometimes she try not to use her knee, especially at the end of the show with come alive and crave. During the bridge of batuka a dancer help her doing the stairs (usually a saw in a few video she go down by herself). Anyway the show was good but people in Lisbon were so quiet and she complained about that. Anyway i have a full audio recording of the show in FLAC stereo 24 bit. A really good audio quality, but i need someone who split track by track. Any volunteer?
  9. I have an LG V50 the audio quality should be really good but I never test it (I bought the phone on Christmas). Buy I was wondering, is the yonder case a problem for the microphone? I think it’s better outside, but we have to close the phone in there...
  10. ron92

    the tourbook is beautiful, I hope it will available in Europe (I will see her in Lisbon and Paris). anyway, I think we miss the point of the show, the meaning of “free phone event” etc... Stop fighting against each other and stop taking trash on her, especially if we don’t see the show yet. We can argue about the delay, but really is this enough for being so bad with her? I Think many of her fans didn’t accept that time is passing also for her. Ok, I’m not justifying her delay, I understand but, several times it happened to me that other artists (foo fighters, dolore o riordan) cancelled the show while I was in line and waiting for hours, and without any reason. I’m happy that she is still working, and if we have to wait a couple of hours extra, well at least this time we are in a theatre, we can sit, we are not in the streets, or standing in an arena full of people, it’s not so bad. I understand that forum are about expressing each other’s opinions, but can we at least have the material before expressing it? Usually I don’t talk about a record that I didn’t hear, or about a book that I didn’t read.
  11. ron92

    You people obviously dont know anything about theatre. Anyway do you really think that Madonna will continue do spectacular shows where her dancers do everything for her? She was the show all the time, and now at 61 she has to reinvent herself because of course she can’t do 2 hours of dancing. Why blame her? Time is passing we can only go forward. If it’s a bad show we must see it first. Look at the comments or the press. Every people who see the show, is happy about it. So it’s obviously your problem, because you expect something different. Anyway stop saying that she is lip syncing all the time. Listen to te bootleg that someone posted here. Her vocals are live. Yes, there is sometimes vocoder, but again, why blame her for using it at 61? She didn’t use it in her worst moment ever (sticky and sweet remember?). I think we all have to embrace the fact that she is human and that she can’t do “Madonna” for ever.
  12. ron92

    Yes. The funniest thing is that this time we have nothing, not a video, not even a good quality picture. But we are so good being mean with her, why stopping now?
  13. ron92

    Thank god she didn’t anything that her fans want her to do. Or we now have an old diva singing her masterpiece in the “not so farewell” tour.
  14. ron92

    Congratulations for you useless comment. Now that, thanks to you, we are all open our eyes, we can go and listen to nelly furtado while some real dancers do a ballet on each songs. By the way, she sing all live, the audio of the 24/09 speak of itself.