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  1. Alberto Giovanni


    Yesterday WMG uploaded 4 Minutes on 4K Watch
  2. Both, The Bedtime Stories is so sensual and the lyrics, the voice are perfect. The COADF is so good, the music, the lyrics, the voice are incredible
  3. Alberto Giovanni

    Thanks to everyone to answer this question
  4. I was wondering this because I got the original VHS from MTV and it says Peter Percher, everybody thinks that is Mary Lambert. I asked her and she said that is James Foley, I'm confused.
  5. Alberto Giovanni

    And Faz Gostoso deserve to be the main video
  6. Alberto Giovanni

    Physical Attraction (was promo single on Italy, but she must have a video) Holiday (Rumors say that she make the video, but it never realesed, only have pictures of it) Angel ( it has a montage video, but we needed a decent video with sensual topic or dressed like an angel) Dress You Up (I really hate the live videos, she shoulded make a video of this, with pink colors) Over and Over Where's The Party (Again a montage video, we need a decent video of this) Causing a Commotion (Again live videos and the worst because the Italy performance was terrible on her voice, it's better on Japan, but she have to make a video with so much dance) Spotlight (She shoulded have to use the Mitsubishi especial) Spanish Eyes (Was a promo single on Spain, she had to make a La Isla Bonita 2.0) Keep it Together (She had to make a video with the BAT coreography, not live video like the original video) Hanky Panky (Again live videos, but this with album audio, she had to make a video like a real cabaret) Sooner or Later (Something similar to Hanky Panky, a cabaret video) Now I'm Following You ( a dance class with black and white and police) More (She has to got more juicy of I'm Breathless, and another cabaret video) Rescue Me (This jewel deserve a video like the comercial of Elephant not a montage like the original one) Bye Bye Baby (Deserve a video not a montage) Forbidden Love (Bedtime Stories jewel, with a cantine background a little bit like secret, with LGBT references) Survival (With some references of Secret) One More Chances (Again, not a montage video) Sky Fits Heaven (A futuristic video) Skin (With orgasmic and erotic video) Little Star ( A video of Lola's Birth) Time Stood Still (Another promo of The Next Best Thing) Impressive Instant (I don't know why she didn't make a video, if after that Warner realesed was a promo single that she wanted) Amazing (A promo single with some dancing men) Nobody Knows Me (She had to make this video, it deserve it) Nothing Fails (A sin that she never make this video) Mother and Father (Some memories of her mother or a story like the song) Forbidden Love ( Another fantastic song with LGBT references) Isaac (a misterious dancing song on Egypt) She's Not Me (a clearly reference to the tour) Beat Goes On (The Best song of Hard Candy with a good music video) Heartbeat ( A dance disco video) Candy Shop (She loves this song and I don't know it wasn't realesed as a single with a video) Revolver ( I have a story of this with sex and some spy outfits to reference to a revolver, she is a meaneater on my idea) Superstar (A single on Brasil, she had to make it a video) Love Spent (This song could save the MDNA album as a single with a video) Masterpiece ( was a single on England, but it deserves a video, because is a fantastic song) Gang Bang ( Another song to could save MDNA with a blood, cars and guns) Hold Tight ( Was a single and deserve a video like the fantastic song) Wash all over Me (RH has fantastic songs that could save it) Devil Pray (Nuns on pole with demons, the second best song of RH deserve it) Future ( A futuristic and jamacian video) I don't Search I find ( she made the spy, I don't know where is the video) Looking for Mercy ( a craziest video on a mental hospital) Crazy (with her black hair)
  7. Alberto Giovanni

    Do you know how to download? I had another links
  8. Alberto Giovanni

    What about the font of the montage video? Does someone know which is the font of the lyrics "FEVER"?
  9. Alberto Giovanni

    I think in your country, but try putting on Google Madonna Hanky Panky MTV, it's the same vídeo in all MTV pages
  10. Alberto Giovanni

    This is the video
  11. Alberto Giovanni

    Hi I found this video on Internet, but I don't know how to download. This video is without logos and HQ Can someone help me?
  12. Alberto Giovanni

    Where is Spotlight music video? It was a promotional video on MTV Japan as a montage
  13. Alberto Giovanni

    Bye Bye Baby is a montage from Girlie Show Live Down Under. I've saw many times Evita and I have the music videos and i don't notice the different scenes. Do you have this videos?
  14. Alberto Giovanni

    Thanks Frank