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  1. Unruhe

    can you believe my bad luck?!?!?!? I mixed the dates!!! on the 15th I have the PLANE TICKET, I'm going to the show on Tuesday the 17th!!!!! :( by any chance you're going the 17th too?
  2. Unruhe

    This is soooooooo nice, I need one in my life!
  3. Unruhe

    I won a contest to go see her 17/12 show, I'm ECSTATIC!!! Anyone else from the forum going to that date?!?! I'm going on my own!! cheers!!
  4. Unruhe

    Madonna Best: Physical Attraction Worst: Everybody Like a Virgin Best: Material Girl Worst: Shoo-Bee-Doo True Blue Best: Papa Don't Preach Worst: Jimmy Jimmy Like A Prayer Best: Oh Father Worst: Love song I'm Breathless Best: Vogue Worst: What Can You Lose Erotica Best: Bad Girl Worst: Did You Do It? Bedtime Stories Best: Sanctuary Worst: Forbidden Love Ray of Light Best: Drowned World/Substitute For Love Worst: To Have And Not To Hold Music Best: Don't Tell Me Worst: Nobody's Perfect American Life Best: Nobody Knows Me Worst: Mother And Father Confessions On A Dance Floor Best: Get Together Worst: Push Hard Candy Best: Dance 2Night Worst: Incredible MDNA Best: I'm Addicted Worst: B-day song Rebel Heart Best: Illuminati Worst: S.E.X. Madame X Best: I Don't Search I Find Worst: Looking For Mercy
  5. Unruhe

    YAY!!! THAT'S what I meant, sorry my english is rusty. yessssssssss! living for the X theme now and always!! <3
  6. Unruhe

    oh wait, it's not a complain at ALL, I know how hard it is for you and the team to give us a fresh look every time!! I just thought I was missing the indication on how to switch back since you said we could go back to the previous layout. I am thankful and appreciative of y'all's work and don't want to be a pain. If it's possible to switch back it's great otherwise I'm happy as it is!!
  7. Unruhe

    Sorry to be a granma but how do I get back the little snapshot of the single I am represented by below my user name on my posts (i.e. I'm One More Chance) I miss seeing everyone's single!!
  8. I'm obsessed with hearing Desperately Seeking Susan, I'm so intrigued by that song!
  9. Unruhe

    My least favorite album is Music, unpopular opinion, I know
  10. Unruhe

    I like the song This Used To Be My Playground better but the video is Take a Bow
  11. Unruhe

    Those bastards won't allow the icon discount
  12. Unruhe

    A real gentleman never spits
  13. Unruhe

    well... I guess it is now! so, try to enjoy the experience for all of us who won't be able to attend and wish to see it in flesh and bone instead of through a screen.
  14. Unruhe