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  1. Girlie Show Buenos Aires, since I almost went there but my parents wouldn't let me (I was ten) Blond Ambition, any european show
  2. I live in Buenos Aires and she acted part of our history!! The Don't Cry For Me Argentina balcony looks down on the square where every march and protest and gathering always takes place. Pride always starts from that point as well
  3. Gracias Lucas!!!!! I still can't get over Rio either!!!!! so good to see a listener here in the forum i visited for years!!
  4. si @Pedro Beltran!!! it's me, Parri!!! I'm so sad we missed each other in Miami!! thanks for all your help and support chavo!!!
  5. We thought and thought about the name and nothing better came up!!! I had a zillion names in English but we wanted it to be something in Spanish! Happy you guys are liking it so far!!! <3
  6. Almost a month has passed since the greatest show Madonna has ever performed in front of 1.6M people In our podcast Santa Madonna we attempted to make a short video journal about the atmosphere of these days and the Rio experience in first person I have been part of this community since the forum opened and I wanted to share this with you guys, if you don't speak Spanish I think turning the CC option on and automatic translating to English is pretty decent to get the jest of it I hope you like it and for those of us who were there, I hope it brings back good saudade and nice memories for the best days of (at least MY) life and if you have the time, let me know what you think!!
  7. so, wait, a lawyer actually said "this is a good idea, I'm gonna pick this case up for a lawsuit"?
  8. There you go girls! I don't know what bitrate this is though [Hidden Content] This is what he played all three nights I saw him warm up at Miami! It's superb According to @cosmic_system this was not the case in other venues so I was pretty lucky!!!
  9. 1. MDNA 2. CELEBRATION 3. GIRLIE SHOW 4. STICKY AND SWEET 5. MADAME X 6. CONFESSIONS 7. BLOND AMBITION 8. DROWNED WORLD 9. REINVENTION 10. VIRGIN 11. WHO'S THAT GIRL 12. REBEL HEART I knew MX was unpopular but didn't know it would rank last in so many lists!
  10. well I'M OVEREXCITED NOW!!!! I'm flying tomorrow from Buenos Aires to Miami to see her on the 9th!!! I'm gonna try and see if I can find some cheap last minute seats for 6 and 7 too Anyone here going to Miami??? let me know! I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!
  11. Totally RANDOM question but does anyone know if they accept PayPal credit on the merch stands at the shows?
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