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  1. Unruhe

    Finally enough love!!!!!! Thanks @Fighter!
  2. Unruhe

    thank you! at least it's something!! i really cross my fingers for her facebook to surprise stream it like miami tears of a clown
  3. Unruhe

    so you don't think we'll have a stream somewhere?
  4. Yayyy congrats to the winners and thanks to @Fighterfor such lovely event!!!
  5. Unruhe

    This would be lovely if she dared to play somewhere in the neighborhood of 10000 km
  6. Unruhe

    I want my mum
  7. Unruhe

    Well this doesn't look like a tour
  8. Unruhe

    Come on, website.. show countries
  9. Unruhe

    if this is true, I sigh in relief the only rumor linking her to argentina I had heard so far was a vague "Madonna in Buenos Aires in 2020"
  10. Unruhe

    Madonna, read my lips: BUENOS AIRES PLS
  11. Unruhe

    Living for this
  12. yay!! participating!!! exciting times coming!!
  13. Unruhe

    I agree here. I'm happy that she managed to keep it tight this time so we got a release rush like good old times, I really enjoy being taken on a ride by her. Of course I love to listen to all the demos considered for an album, but I really really am enjoying this release so far!!
  14. Thank you all!!! and specially the sweet @groovyguy makes me happy to be celebrating with this wonderful community!!!
  15. Unruhe

    yayy!! I'm SO in!!