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  1. MTV Latin America aired the 1999 and now is airing the 2000 awards, no mention of 1998 though The quality is crap as well
  2. Unruhe

    Madonna: Burning Up Like A Virgin: Like A Virgin True Blue: Open Your Heart Like A Prayer: Express Yourself Erotica: Bad Girl Bedtime Stories: Bedtime Story Ray Of Light: Frozen Music: What It Feels Like For A Girl American Life: American Life Confessions On A Dance Floor: Jump Hard Candy: 4 Minutes MDNA: Girl Gone Wild Rebel Heart: Ghosttown Madame X: God Control
  3. Unruhe

    for 30 euros only!! how weird nobody has bought it yet!!
  4. Unruhe

    Totally agree... Has To Be is such a perfect track
  5. Unruhe

    this is my file of Buenos Aires video in case you want to compare [Hidden Content]
  6. Unruhe

    oh im like you, thanks for sharing. so this is a different edit than the DVD AND also different than the HBO broadcast? I do have shitty quality rips of the promo videos of ASIAH and Buenos Aires, but I assume you do have those
  7. Unruhe

    how did this look like, @scamper? was it a mix of the girlie show down under footage?
  8. Unruhe

    Definitely Roxy 98 pro footage, I didn't know this was rumored to exist? thought it was lost?
  9. Unruhe

    What a finding!! it's so subtle!!
  10. Unruhe

    I would LOVE to see a pro filming of a stage production of evita
  11. Unruhe

    I think she's talking about 50 Violins (later became Music Of The Heart with Meryl Streep) cause she mentions she's gonna be a violin teacher and Chicago (she was going to star in it with John Travolta and Goldie Hawn) cause she mentions a musical, this one ended up coming out in 2002 I think
  12. Unruhe

    I was most shocked by Extreme Occident, its a track that had never stood out for me and the minimal lighting and the staging were mindblowing
  13. I want the tutorial as well!! nice work!!
  14. Unruhe

    I had grown up with my cousin being a big fan but it wasn't until I heard Bad Girl that I really got hooked