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  1. I bet the new remix of Frozen by Sickick will also make it onto the compilation. If I were to make choices, I would either enlist top DJs to remix all 50 hits (though that would mean a lot of hard work and would probably postpone the release until the second half of 2022), or else have all the songs mixed like a continuous set meaning that some songs would probably be retained in their original (album version) form.
  2. This speech wasn't bad. It was unnecessary. To me, it was one of those moments. I also think the outfit made her look older. I am kind of used to her recent antics, and I'm glad she bothered to have sth filmed for the occasion as big as the 40th anniversary of the channel no one hardly watches these days. But still... The whole thing felt rushed and uninspired. And I doubt the trailer of her new documentary/concert special would attract new fans. Yet, let's hope the concert special will at least have some memorable moments to revisit once we've seen it.
  3. What do you think this performance will go down in history as? Personally, I think it was unnecessary. Both the gig and the video. The look is OK but there again... It's not groundbreaking imho. Yet... I'm happy as long as M had fun with it.
  4. Also: - "Me Against the Music"; - "Champagne Rose"; - a rare STR-era interview where she kept scowling at a poor German interviewer, interrupting her, answering in a rude manner (watching this interview made me feel sick); - that American Life-era interview where she demanded someone open the door 'cause she was suffocating; again, she was unnecessarily rude and bossy; - the eye-patch.
  5. Here's my list: - grillz; - being rude to journalists and fans; - the 1998 ROL VMA performance; - most of "Swept Away" and some scenes in "TNBT" (haven't seen "Shanghai Surprise"; the trailer was enough though); - the 2019 Graham Norton show; - overproduction on "Voices"; - "B-Day Song"; - her obsession with and excessive use of autotune, especially on "Madame X"; - the Eurovision outfit, interview and performance; - getting political for the sake of extra publicity; - trying too hard to stay relevant instead of being her creative self.
  6. Apparently, she wore a different outfit for the rehearsal. The sound here has been taken off but you can still get a feeling of what it might have been like had she not changed.
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