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  1. Ray of Light (Japanese album) Frozen (European CDM) Nothing Really Matters (US CDM) Deeper and Deeper (US CDM) Erotica (Sheet music)
  2. Ray of Light Nothing Really Matters Sky Fits Heaven Bad Girl (Extended) Sanctuary
  3. Inside of Me DW / SFL (Live on the DW Tour) or DW / SFL (Live on the Confessions Tour)?
  4. @tscott, you most certainly have, cause it was shared here. GTI is the closing track on it
  5. Confessions ITG (Dub Version) or Over & Over (Dub)?
  6. Bedtime Story (though it's a tough choice) Goodbye to Innocence (Straight Pass) or Goodbye to Innocence (Final Demo Version) as heard on Madonna's Private Full Album Tape?
  7. Yeah, her hair looked more natural in the LAP video, and she looks so good when going dark-haired Kylie Living for Love (THRILL Remix) or Ghosttown (THRILL Remix)?
  8. LAP (though I looove the NRM video look, too) Nothing Really Matters (Vikram) or Nothing Really Matters (Kruder & Dorfmeister)?
  9. I'll Remember Into the Groove (Original Version) or Into the Groove (You Can Dance Remix - Unmixed)?
  10. I'll Surrender Dear Crazy for You or Gambler?
  11. Electric guitar Die Another Day (Dirty Vegas Main Mix) or Die Another Day (Thee RetroLectro Mix)?
  12. Yeah, and that's what so special about M's remixes! Sometimes, it's like a totally different song! True Blue (The Color Mix) Frozen (Meltdown Mix - Long Version) or Frozen (Widescreen Mix)?
  13. Yeah, also, isn't it uncanny how they didn't bother to come up with more distinct and memorable titles for the remixes up until the Bedtime Story era, I guess? Like a Prayer (RIT) Erotica (WO 12''') or I'll Remember (Guerilla Beach Mix)?
  14. Masterpiece Keep It Together (12'' Remix) or Keep It Together (12'' Mix)?
  15. LOL Erotica Deeper and Deeper (Shep's Classic 12") or Deeper and Deeper (David's Classic 12")?
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