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  1. LIVE TO TELL - Add spoken much louder on bridge! RESCUE ME - Much louder on Chorus - LOVE IT!
  2. hi! can i have ic link to dl? thanx a lot

  3. i'm so upset for a new live edit of old songs... i hope a "new" edit like RIT, but still the same eventually...
  4. Confession Tour ROME was EPIC... S&S Udine - The stage accident... Che Tempo che fa (Rebel Heart Promotion) - she asked ME which song I prefer!
  5. Ok... go and kill me! Terrible Remix (how to destroy a massive hit) Terrible Look And Terrible sneak peek video it's my opinion....
  6. i guess only MC for the latin market was repress with Veras...
  7. Well... it's about pitch level, speed and tone... Well you know, this kind of filters comes from late '70, but not usually used in the '80 pop/dance music...
  8. Nope... It's Madonna voice just pitch... like the edit live vocal in the WTGWT from Tokio where the backing singers (Donna, Niki & Debra) are compl pitched... ;)
  9. i've read somewhere that DWT metallic tree of gheisha set were sold for auction cause it was realised by japanese scultor...
  10. Don't Like him... Don't Like The Madonna Video produced by him...
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