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  1. RIGHT!!! It never will be happen again... So, i guess she will explore a different way to bring her music/art...
  2. Franknkm

    HEY! no, seats on hight balcony... E 221,50 each!
  3. Franknkm

    I Sell 2 tickets for paris show 07/03 - Hight balcony - ticket price... Pm!
  4. Franknkm

    hey! I sell 2 ticket for Paris show - 07/03 - porte 4 - balcon haut. Ticket price... p.m.
  5. Franknkm

    @franknkmmusic please help me to promote my music
  6. i've read somewhere that DWT metallic tree of gheisha set were sold for auction cause it was realised by japanese scultor...
  7. Franknkm

    YCD is a Rhino product, so it comes from original master... STR 2015 remaster it's also a Rhino product... Erotica i don't know, cause i have the original German press from 90.... anyway, the other reissued - especially come from WB are horrible...
  8. Franknkm

    just arrived! Sounds Terrible... the hights it's horrible... and the yellow traslucent it's not cool...
  9. Hi! Tomorrow 4/12 Madonna and The Breakfast Club will be aired on italian Tv RAI 5 at 21.15 p.m.! anyone could record it? I guess it will be aired dubbed or subtitled! Thanx
  10. Franknkm

    my show... after plan the trip... no words.... i'm very tired of her.... no respect for fans... don't take shit about the LN... and stop to complain her... i'm so sick and tired... it's enought..
  11. Don't Like him... Don't Like The Madonna Video produced by him...
  12. I need only 12" papa don't preach & 12" true blue italian press... anyone?
  13. Franknkm
  14. Franknkm

    link please?