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  1. I was hoping for ROL remix edits on streaming, but I'm so happy we are getting Has To Be <3
  2. That would be exciting! I notice she's filming her trips/parties/events for years and years, that also might help to create something beautiful. Her life changed so much since I'm Going To Tell You a Secret, it would be amazing to catch up. I hope she releases The Celebration Tour concert along with the documentary too.
  3. It would be so fresh to have a new album without months and months of #soon and endless teasing on her IG. I really hope that's the case. And you're right, some of her best albuns didn't took a lot of time. So, we can dream, right?
  4. I think it's time for a new album. It's been 4 years since Madame X. My dream is a 10-track dance/pop album. Wouldn't hurt the celebration theme if she puts 3 or 4 new songs on the tour.
  5. I think it's unpretentious and funny, like the song. I like it! <3
  6. It's crazy because to me the handwriting makes it really cool and unique. Congrats for your incredible work @Brendonshayart can't wait to have it in my M collection <3
  7. Ray Of Light (Sasha Mix) is one of my all time favorite remixes. I'm so happy about this release, cant wait for Impressive Instant and all the others. My official workout soundtrack for this year LOL
  8. It's magical to watch a video so raw of this tour. Thank you =)
  9. That's very nice, better than MXT background pic. Unfortunely I don't have it in HQ =(
  10. Love your pic @geert =) Vogue Back In Business or Sooner or Later?
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