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  1. That one is hard I'll go with Rescue Me Don't Tell Me or Hollywood?
  2. Good news It would be nice to have several singles in a row, can't wait for Die Another Day
  3. I think her first album with lots of low register is Erotica. Her voice in American Life sounds pretty raw, beautiful and mature too.
  4. Both MDNA and Rebel Heart have at least 12 great songs in each one, the problem is the fillers and bad single choices.
  5. In my dreams thats the cover and back cover of her new dance eletronic album, visually inspired by old Hollywood - a fusion of the past & future (never gonna happen 😂)
  6. Most of her singles after American Life are a mess on Spotify, must be confusing for her non-fans public. It would look so much better if they fixed.
  7. I love when she balance what fans want with the general public expectations, Celebration Tour is a good example. The next time she can skip La Isla Bonita, Burning Up and Human Nature. But she can bring Secret, 4 Minutes, Sorry, Borderline, songs a lot of people love but we don't see very often. Having a band on stage with live instruments would be awesome. I hope she focus on vocals as well, I love her voice in Celebration but sometimes the backing track was too loud. On her next tour, she might have a new album to promote too. She usually don't do many ballads but after "Bad Girl" and "Rain" recently, I think The Power Of Good-Bye and You'll See would be a dream.
  8. ROL I can almost feel the impact of this being released as her second single in 1998
  9. That one was filmed in a location in France
  10. Very interesting. Solid Gold is well known but to me feels more like a promo performance. The one I posted earlier has a pretty nice production and some "extras" besides her, Christopher and the other dancer... Fantástico is a big TV show in Brazil and they used to produce some kind of "music videos" weekly in the 80s for some artists... I think that's the case with Holiday in that French TV show.
  11. I think this is the closest thing we have of a music video for Holiday: <3
  12. I love it too. This song reminds me a bit of Britney's "In The Zone" album sound but the lyrics are very Madonna in "IGTTYAS" phase with the "a better version of myself" quote. Bloodshy & Avant worked in Britney's album and produced "How High" and "Like It Or Not" on Confessions. Such a fantastic Era for M!
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