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  1. Very interesting move. This makes me think new album is coming or at least some new songs
  2. I can definitely see M releasing another remix album. For me FEL was her looking back on the past. Maybe the new remix album is her looking forward and back lol I'm expecting a mixture of new remixes, collaborations as well as some new songs. They could be added on to the original celebration (as a third disc perhaps) or could be a standalone album. But something is definitely coming.
  3. I think a remix album is possibly on the cards. After all this time maybe it's going to be called Remix Revolution lol I'm tempted to say it could be a mix of new remixes, collaborations and some new songs. I don't think the whole tour will be remakes but there might be some used as part of the performances or interludes.
  4. Some form of new music has to be coming, I'd guess at a few new songs/EP, an updated GH or new remixes of older tracks. Remember Sickick hinting at new original material. And Honey Dijon has been in the studio as well. Could Madonna release a new album when she's doing a greatest hits tour - of course. Let's look at Diana Ross and other legacy artists (not that I'm putting M in that realm) but Diana had a new album out recently and performed 2 or 3 songs from it on a tour consisting mainly of hits so it's not impossible. I'd say expect the unexpected it is Madonna after all. (FYI I have no insider info).
  5. Do we think this is for the tour or new music ? We're still waiting to the result of that Sickick original track and it's almost a guarantee that M's done something with Honey Dijon from the social media posts. I still reckon we will get some form of new music this year whether it's a remix or a brand new song.
  6. I hope that whatever country she tours in she doesn't do stay in one place. Like if she's in the UK, that she goes somewhere else other than London. Birmingham or Manchester would be a good move. I know that Scotland, Wales and Ireland would definitely appreciate a show too!
  7. It's nice to know that if new music does appear it's gonna be dance orientated and most likely house. Easy idea would be to get new house remixes of her classics.
  8. I just think they could have used Madonna's vocals then it would have been better. But I have a feeling there might be other remixes on the way as she has said frozen remixes coming soon as well as referring to this specific remix
  9. It's kinda what I expected but what was the remix on her insta stories yesterday as that sounded like another remix - bit faster and different production ?
  10. I'm up for joining the discord - gutted that the forum is going. its one of the best for madonna and other stuff.
  11. I so wish this was true especially with Dua Lipa dropping a mixtape. I was thinking a mixtape of either unreleased tracks or new remixes of some classics. I can dream lol
  12. Madonna going back to Warner sounds like a good move. They know her well if nothing else. Hopefully they'll remaster, expand and re-release her albums whilst we wait for the next album. Maybe they'll encourage more collaborations with fellow Warner artists. Who knows ?
  13. Unlikely to be true however the one thing Madonna should do is collaborations in between albums. If she picked them carefully (as I would expect) then who knows how successful they could be.
  14. I've never understood why this hasn't happened myself, even if it was a one off performance together. There's always a chance.
  15. I don't want Madonna to repeat herself unless its with modern production
  16. On a another note I think Madonna can afford to take a risk. Musically she could go anywhere as she seems to sell out tours regardless of the popularity of the album. Think of the genres she hasn't touched upon or the producers she hasn't worked with!!!
  17. I think Madonna should have one clear sound for the next album. Great songwriting and maybe two producers, three at the most. In terms of sound, it's just gotta feel natural. I'd like a subtle pop disco sound or an authentic pop house album, she touched on 90s house but I think she could do it again with a more modern approach. The one thing Madonna used to do is work with an underground producer and she doesn't do that anymore. I appreciate the rise of the internet makes this more difficult but there is always a producer who only a few people have heard of. Failing that a double album pop dance with Stuart Price anyone and an urban album with Pharrell but the sound needs to be pushed forward so its not a repeat of the past with sacrificing songwriting. Rebel Heart was great but it could have been presented better with less songs and a clear split across two discs.
  18. Anyone from the UK here ?

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      Warrington. Sandwiched between Manchester and Liverpool

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      wtg1987 where in london are you, I'm in Vauxhall.

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      I'm in the West Midlands

  19. I don't think it will be her last tour personally. She would have promoted it as a farewell tour in the first place. I think she will still tour at least one more time after this tour. Somehow I think she will be touring a lot longer than we expect, I would say the tours may change in terms of dance routines but maybe not who knows. I think a more intimate setting would be interesting like completely scaled down or at least the inclusion of some of her classic ballads - you'll see anyone ??!! The other reason is I have never seen Madonna live so she can't not too. I either never have enough money or its completely the wrong time. Therefore she can't retire from touring yet.
  20. Good choice. It will be interesting to see how this will go.
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