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  1. Yes, this is the rip from the YouTube clip, correct? Thanks! I was hoping for a more cleaner / studio / online rip ... no idea why i'm obsessing over it. cheers!
  2. Since its brief appearance on YouTube when Peter Rauhofer was alive himself, I've always randomly googled the words "Madonna Peter Rauhofer Spanish Lesson Homework Bootleg" and hoped for the best. I came across this clip from another DJ that seems to have been uploaded in 2013: hxxps://youtu.be/hUyx9i6diBI - DJ Isaac Escalante . I have since tried all word combinations and couldn't find anything but the small clip itself :/ Since Rauhofer's passing, this is the first time I've seen it surface online. There's hope that it's still out there. Sounds pathetic I know, someone looking for an online stream of this remix, but I instantly was drawn to it, perhaps it was the short bursts of an aural tease that makes me want more. I even got a tweet by Peter Rauhofer saying "Don't ask me, ask Warners...." sigh. Hopefully one day it will surface !
  3. _lit

    I'm so sad there won't be a Tracy Young remix for this. If not official, a "Private" mix for online listening would be A W E S O M E