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  1. i cant wait spoilair alert she will send them a video message
  2. Arioso Each Time You Break My Heart time stood still ( if its relvent if not so ...) LOVE HURTS ) Gone, Gone, Gone Le Petite Jeune Fille
  3. oh shit im busted on this one lol def : one more chance love tried to welcome me X-static process desreve it time stood still youll see extreme Occident gone and im sure many more lol
  4. I can't find anything dear 

  5. Burning up ( first album version ) LIVE To Tell Like a PRAYER Time Stood Still Take A bow Love spent you'll see erotica true blue Rescue me this is so N O T FAIR !!!!! @Max and @Frankyr turn
  6. oh boy they both for comepltely diffrent moods!!!!! ughhh Erotica vs. Survival Fever vs. Secret Bye Bye Baby vs. I'd Rather Be Your Lover Deeper and Deeper vs. Don't Stop Where Life Begins vs. Inside of Me Bad Girl vs. Human Nature Waiting vs. Forbidden Love Thief of Hearts vs. Love Tried to Welcome Me Words vs. Sanctuary Rain vs. Bedtime Story Why's It So Hard vs. Take a Bow In This Life vs. Freedom Did You Do It? vs. Let Down Your Guard Secret Garden vs. Your Honesty its ttoooooooo hard 4 meeee
  7. 1. Bedtime Stories Favourite Song: love tried to welcome me/inside of me Least Favourite Song: Sanctuary ( only cus i have too) 2. True Blue Favourite Song: Live To Tell Least Favourite Song: Jimmy Jimmy 3. Erotica Favourite Song: waiting Least Favourite Song: Did You Do It? 4 . Madonna Favourite Song: Burning up Least Favourite Song: think of me 5. Ray Of Light Favourite Song: sky fits haven Least Favourite Song: little star 6. Like a Virgin Favourite Song: pretender Least Favourite Song: Love don't leave here anymore 7. Like a Prayer Favourite Song: Like a Prayer Least Favourite Song: act of connectrtttionnnnn lol 8 .Confessions On A Dance floor Favourite Song: forbbiden love Least Favourite Song: push 9 . Music Favourite Song: Impressive Instant Least Favourite Song: music 10, Madame X Favourite Song: God Control Least Favourite Song: Batuka 11. American Life Favourite Song: Nobody Knows Me Least Favourite Song: hollywood 12. Hard Candy Favourite Song: miles away Least Favourite Song: Spanish Lesson 13. Rebel Heart Favourite Song: Ghostown Least Favourite Song: bodyshop xoxo ziv
  8. 1.Queen 2. Act of contrition 3.autotune baby 4.b-day song 5.superstar 6.what it feels like for a girl 7.did u do it 8.come alive 9.spanish lesson 10.grafiti something lol
  9. i love it i hope u wont mind if ill copy this briilent idea ! xoxo
  10. i am uploading the full dutch intterview now :) 

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