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  1. Physical Attraction Nothing really Matters Hold Tight
  2. Joan of Marc

    my first LP I bought was like a prayer in 1989 - and it still smells like patchoulie
  3. Joan of Marc

    Two steps behind me Nothing lasts Forever Heaven Never let you go Across the Sky ....all demos
  4. Joan of Marc

    This Versace poster hung over my bed for years - it was a gift from my first boyfriend
  5. Joan of Marc

  6. Joan of Marc

    1. Like a Prayer 2. Vogue 3. Hung up 4. Frozen 5. Into the Groove 6. You´ll see 7. La isla Bonita 8. Live to tell 9. Lucky Star 10 . Music
  7. Joan of Marc

    you're right - so no one can answer correctly btw. the question about Nikki Finn is there twice - no matter I have 89%
  8. Joan of Marc

    Looking for looking for looking for mercy - can´t get it out of my head
  9. Joan of Marc

    I also love these songs
  10. Joan of Marc

    I'll give you a heart attack, bumbaclat - Two steps behind me ?
  11. Joan of Marc

    Medellin today in the radio at the gym
  12. Joan of Marc

    Physical Attraction Stay White Heat Promise to Try More Why ´s so hard Sanctuary Little Star Paradise (not for me) Mother and Father Forbidden Love She´s not me Love Spent Joan of Arc
  13. Oh Father - the neverending"fight" with my father You´ll see - unhappy relationships this songs heals my wounds
  14. Joan of Marc

    The first time I heard the song I had a strange feeling - but the more I hear the song the more I like it - in my opinion, it could be a summer hit
  15. Joan of Marc

    even if many now turn their eyes: Like a Prayer