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  1. Joan of Marc

    I'll give you a heart attack, bumbaclat - Two steps behind me ?
  2. Joan of Marc

    Medellin today in the radio at the gym
  3. Joan of Marc

    Physical Attraction Stay White Heat Promise to Try More Why ´s so hard Sanctuary Little Star Paradise (not for me) Mother and Father Forbidden Love She´s not me Love Spent Joan of Arc
  4. Oh Father - the neverending"fight" with my father You´ll see - unhappy relationships this songs heals my wounds
  5. Joan of Marc

    The first time I heard the song I had a strange feeling - but the more I hear the song the more I like it - in my opinion, it could be a summer hit
  6. Joan of Marc

    even if many now turn their eyes: Like a Prayer
  7. Joan of Marc

    @JetVoices ?
  8. Joan of Marc

    @Lucifer's AngelOoh la la Superstar ?
  9. Joan of Marc

    YES !!! You are right - Congratulation
  10. Joan of Marc

    When I was 12 years old, in the summer of 1989, for the first time I consciously heard the song like a prayer on the radio and I was immediately enthusiastic. From that hour I collected all the newspapers from Madonna snippets, poster, reports. My mother has a few weeks later gave me the LP like a prayer for the birthday and I was totally thrilled. Then I bought Ciao Italia as a videocassette and got to know her older songs. Then followed the album True Tlue, casette like a virgin, etc. My room was placarded with Madonna poster. In the village i growing up soon they knew that I was THE Madonna fan. When I first saw the Blonde Ambition tour with all the gay dancers I was aware that I am gay too :-) Madonna helped me with my coming out, she showed me that it is normal to love who you are would like to love. There was still a funny situation when I did with my parents holiday in Barcelona - coincidentally in the week as Madonna with the BATwas also there . My father has forbidden me to spend my pocket money for madonna things - and still have invested everything in M. When we met in the evening in the restaurant (where the BAT was shown on a big screen) he asked me if I have invested all my money back in madonna, "no dad I do not have" and in this moment 15 Madonna postcards are out my shorts dropped out - my parents just laughed
  11. Joan of Marc

    nope it´s not hollywood...but you are close ...
  12. Joan of Marc

    no sorry ....
  13. Joan of Marc

    unfortunately not right ...
  14. Joan of Marc

    that could be ...but sorry it´s not ;-) it´s from a later album ....
  15. Joan of Marc

    good suggestion , but it´s not frozen