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  1. Two steps behind me Nothing lasts Forever Heaven Never let you go Across the Sky ....all demos
  2. This Versace poster hung over my bed for years - it was a gift from my first boyfriend
  3. 1. Like a Prayer 2. Vogue 3. Hung up 4. Frozen 5. Into the Groove 6. You´ll see 7. La isla Bonita 8. Live to tell 9. Lucky Star 10 . Music
  4. you're right - so no one can answer correctly btw. the question about Nikki Finn is there twice - no matter I have 89%
  5. Looking for looking for looking for mercy - can´t get it out of my head
  6. I'll give you a heart attack, bumbaclat - Two steps behind me ?
  7. Physical Attraction Stay White Heat Promise to Try More Why ´s so hard Sanctuary Little Star Paradise (not for me) Mother and Father Forbidden Love She´s not me Love Spent Joan of Arc
  8. Oh Father - the neverending"fight" with my father You´ll see - unhappy relationships this songs heals my wounds
  9. The first time I heard the song I had a strange feeling - but the more I hear the song the more I like it - in my opinion, it could be a summer hit
  10. even if many now turn their eyes: Like a Prayer
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