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  1. That was truly amazing. Her outfit was gorgeously befitting a Prince tribute and her vocals sounded great. Okay, not a fan of the hair either but I'll get over it. How long before some douche bag starts making jokes about her needing a cane to get down the stairs after her fall at the Brit awards? You know it's coming.
  2. everythingapart

    I don't think it's a terrible song. It's definitely filler. But the quality of the mixing (even aside from the glitch I already mentioned) is pretty mediocre for all of her songs on the soundtrack. Also, until I cleaned up the sound I never noticed her speaking "Don't be afraid" in the background during the second bridge. I feel like I've been living a lie for nearly 30 years.
  3. everythingapart

    So I recently decided to rip and re-digitize some music into better quality MP3s than I've been listening to for years now and in doing so I took it upon myself to do some light mastering on the older Madonna stuff that hasn't been properly remastered to give it some volume and clarity. In doing so, I noticed an odd glitch on Can't Stop from the WTG soundtrack where the left side of the track is a little bit muffled from the start until part way through the first verse when she sings "I don't give in so easily" and then it becomes clearer for the remainder of the song. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this, and if there might be an alternate source of this song without that glitch? I'm attaching a youtube version I found of this song as an example, the change happens at 0:45. Thoughts?
  4. everythingapart

    This is tough but here are mine, if we're going strictly by single covers that she appears on. Everybody Like a Virgin (single) Angel Open Your Heart Express Yourself Cherish Vogue Rescue Me Rain Drowned World