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  1. "Who's That Girl" was released as single in the UK on July 6, 1987. I always thought the US got it on July 7. Wikipedia might have the wrong date (or I might have the wrong date).
  2. It's not her singing Physical Attraction. It's someone else. Go to 43:35 Go to 43:35
  3. Susan Seidelman said Warners had scheduled a video to be filmed for "Into The Groove". But she stepped in and demanded that it be clips from the movie instead. So the proper video never got filmed.
  4. They look stunning. $250,000 to $300,000!!!! Wow. And to think, you could buy the hitchhiking poster from Icon for less than 10 bucks back in the day. Still gorgeous though.
  5. I doubt we'll ever get any of the Record Store Day releases on digital due to the Code of Conduct that record labels agree to. Here are the official terms (not sure why the term 5 didn't apply to the previous RSD re-issues): RSD Product Criteria Product submitted for Record Store Day MUST adhere to the following criteria: 1. Any product must be an exclusive release. 2. Exclusive means on an exclusive format or exclusive content specifically for Record Store Day 3. Unless there are exceptional circumstances it should not have been made available or be made available in a similar format (e.g. different colour) for at least 12 months prior to or post RSD. 4. If labels plan to make a substantially similar release available in the UK within 12 months of RSD, they must notify the RSD co-ordinator at the point of submission clarifying why there are exceptional circumstances 5. It should not have been made available in a different territory in the same format previously. 6. RSD product should be manufactured in a reasonable quantity. Anything under 500 units may be deemed inadmissible to RSD unless there are valid grounds for inclusion. Product has to be suitable of a RSD release and should only be manufactured with the sole intention of releasing for RSD. 7. Product must only be made available to RSD stores as notified to you by ERA and may only be made available to non-RSD stores one week after RSD (subject to being made available to RSD shops first).
  6. Yeah I know all that obviously. I just found it interesting that she’s being listed as producer when I’ve seen so many people moaning that nothing has happened since that press release.
  7. Having her permission and having her produce are two different things. I just thought it was interesting as I haven’t noticed that on any of the other releases (presumably on FEL though). Clearly not interesting to others 🤣
  8. I was referring more to the “EP Produced by Madonna” meaning this is something she personally curated, rather than something Rhino threw together.
  9. The credits for the new American Life RSD release are interesting: EP Produced by Madonna - Creative Direction by Johann Delebarre
  10. American Life (The Remixes) HQ iTunes artwork here: https://a5.mzstatic.com/us/r1000/0/Music126/v4/ec/7d/c3/ec7dc353-d296-a3ce-6322-3b8f7a5d0157/603497831104.jpg
  11. Correct. Everybody - October 6, 1982 Burning Up - March 9, 1983 Holiday - September 7, 1983 Borderline - February 15, 1984 Lucky Star - August 8, 1984
  12. The official US release date for Lucky Star as a stand-alone single was August 8, 1984. Prior to that it was the B-Side to Holiday which was released on September 7, 1983. Holiday was chosen as the A-Side because it was performing better in the clubs. The UK got Lucky Star as a single first, on September 9, 1983. It was released to coincide with her performance at Camden Palace, You can see the "sunglasses" 12" in the background of the photos from Camden Palace. At the start of 1984 Madonna had to pay huge legal fees as she was being sued by Camille Barbone for breach of contract. She was persuaded to record a video for Lucky Star as it was sure to boost album sales and make her enough money to pay off the legal debt. Due to heavy rotation on MTV and good radio play, Warners decided to put it out as the 5th and final single from the first album, even though Like A Virgin was about to drop.
  13. Angela definitely left because she was pregnant. Here's a mention of it on the Pet Shop Boys website: https://www.petshopboys.co.uk/news/2009-01-01/new-manager "Pet Shop Boys recently appointed a new manager, Angela Becker, to represent them around the world. Angela is based in London and co-managed Madonna from 2004 to the beginning of 2008 when she left work to have a baby."
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