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  1. Bextorian

    You clearly have no idea what you're talking about, and given your obsessive insistence about the validity of these files, I'm starting to suspect you're the one trying to sell them.
  2. Bextorian

    Those snippets are laughable fakes. Anybody with even the most basic understanding of how to interpret an audio spectrogram could see these are clearly upscaled, not to mention the fact that they're audibly just made with the albums versions + instrumentals and already leaked demos.
  3. M's original demo of 'Alone Again' would be nice to hear... however, if I had the choice, I'd take Sophie Ellis-Bextor's unreleased version of 'Revenge' over anything (I'm hoping she'll re-record it for her upcoming orchestral greatest hits!). Here's a bit of information on it for anyone interested, taken from Madonnalicious' Interview with Peter Magennis back in 2008: “‘Revenge' was one of just a number of songs that Madonna recorded with Rick [Nowells] that she didn't release and some of them were offered to other artists to record, however, only Laura Pausini's version of Madonna's unreleased 'Like a Flower', re-titled 'Mi Abbandono a Te', would get an official release. Many fans already know about Kylie recording another Madonna/Nowells track from the Ray of Light sessions, 'Alone Again', because it was so well publicised, even making the cover of The Sun. But unfortunately, someone (not Madonna or Kylie) had a change of heart at the last minute and the song didn't make it onto the B-side of Kylie's 'Come Into My World' as planned. At least we finally go to hear Kylie's version of the song on the soundtrack to her White Diamond documentary last year. The same thing more-or-less happened with Sophie, which is a shame because her version of 'Revenge' is amazing and in my humble opinion it could easily have been a single. Greg even went to the trouble of recording a live orchestra for the song that really adds a new depth not heard on Madonna's version of the song.†Such a waste!
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    These are all part of the fake set made by a fan to trick traders into thinking they got the real DVDr set; that comment is in reference to this. The set's been doing the rounds for a few years now. For Liquid Love, the ambient intro and outro is fake. The instrumental is taken from ‘New Dance Trance Tracks #1-3’ and has had the leaked mono acapella added on top. Run has the intro taken from one of the Liquid Love demos, the rest is a badly-done edit of the leaked demo version. Mysore Style is just the instrumental demo posted by William Orbit with the vocals from the multitrack added on top (these leaked a year or two ago I think). Hope this was helpful! I can PM you what I have written down about the other files too, if you'd like
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