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    i watched this yesterday again..i really love it
  2. Crave Video drops tomorrow..!!!
  3. a pity nobody ask what happens to her while she start singing? The only thing from haters and non believers she sings bad...and thats it. Only people who sing on a stage could mention what could happen at the beginng of LAP cause Future was sung good!!! A friend of me who travels worldwide for Artists and make the Sounds for them take a look at the Performance. He thinks it was more the Monitoring of the In-Ear that wasn't wrong. When it is not that loud or to quit you beginn with the wrong tone and the rest is wrong also...if the Technic doesn't help!!! He also told me the Technic does nothing to help her and they were chances enough...and sorry that is the Job of the Soundmaker! So it's easy to mark only Madonna for it..and whatever Madonna would one will believe it anyway.
  4. Madonna deserves nothing but love and respect imo.
  5. Steffmad

    Future is #9 German I-Tunes
  6. Last year she was 59 on MET...The Show was Perfect...i never hear her Voice so strong and perfect. When she sang perfect on ESC no one reacts to it...She is still the Queen for me and thats it. She is a Human being what. But anyway...Future moves up 50 places to I-Tunes Germany @13.
  7. I still think there was a technical Sound Problem on LAP too and not only the Vocals. Anyway the Show is over and let's face the "Future". Mike Dean is fired....We are still here..she will still make awesome Music.
  8. Dana doesn't sing live in the first Semi Final...i think Madonna does
  9. The Director of the Video posted a link for Download also on Vimeo itself. So thanks to @Frank I watch it the whole Day since this Morning.
  10. Steffmad

    My Faves are many
  11. Steffmad

    Sorry i love NL....and this year 2..
  12. Steffmad

    This is a Madonna Song not a Quavo has nothing to do with Champagne Rose. Not in any Second.
  13. I'm going Bananas at the Grocery Shop yesterday...I was a bit shocked. On the Radio to work "la Isla Bonita" today
  14. Steffmad

    3 Offer Mixes of Medellin...them Ghosttown (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Radio Mix) Hung Up (L.E.X Urban Reggaeton Jam) and i love it all over
  15. Steffmad

    i hate to be i decide to be crazy...well, all the time
  16. Drama is around every Track now....some may dislike , or like, being neutral or love it. I must say i love that new Song. It's worth it!!! Sorry my Opinion, if you like it or not. She can pull out what she wants, there are always Fans who dislike it.. That's life
  17. First Listen: What the Hell is this Second Listen: I love the Beginning with the Guitar in it, not that Bad at all! Third Listen: I like it 4 th Listen: I has a catchy vibe. It still grows on me. 5 th Listen: .....................
  18. He more a kind of Singer what i hear of him...Thank God. But he can Rap also, but the Lyrics for Crave don't look like a RAP part.
  19. what is this????? Maybe the same Song just ft Madonna ??
  20. Steffmad

    The Taylor Song is boring imo.
  21. Steffmad

    back to Lena...
  22. Steffmad

    Even the Haters of Medellin come back and pray for forgivness