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  1. I Rise (Tracy Young's Pride Intro Radio Remix)...great Mix <3


  2. No...why should she? Look at Cher she over 70!
  3. Steffmad

  4. Steffmad

    she didn't say yersterday..she say soon and it will be released on a Wednesday nothing more. Video was done for Faz Gostoso. Batuka?? When did she wrote that???
  5. Steffmad

    She doesn't have to cut it for Radio...Why! Bohemian Rhapsody was not cutted by Mercury and he have not done it in the 70 ties for his Lable. and it was a huge success!!! The Song tells a Story and when Radio Stations didn't play it..their own fault!!!
  6. Steffmad

    I-Tunes Charts are not everything. Still think she sold a lot more on Cd. And 1 or 2 on the Charts doesn't matter. Some Artists wish they had such success. A good album not depends on Sales imo. there are a lot of Album that doesn't reach the Top 40 and they are still better than some shit that wents @ 1 Spot! The last Ed Sheeran was not that great there are only 3-4 good Songs on it.
  7. Steffmad

    She says this or next week...but it will be released on a Wednesday! The Video will come!
  8. Only Madonna Medellin Cajjmere Wray Radio Remix

    Fire on the Ocean Mix


  9. Steffmad

    So here are my review for now 01-Medellin 8/10 02-Dark Ballet 9/10 03-God Control 10/10 04-Future (feat. Quvo) 7/10 without Quavo it would have more ;-) 05-Batuka 10/10 06-Killers Who Are Partying 10/10 07-Crave (feat. Swae Lee) 9/10 08-Crazy 10/10 09-Come Alive 08/10 10-Extreme Occident 9/10 11-Faz Gostoso (feat. Anitta) 9/10 12-Bitch I’m Loca (feat. Maluma) 5/10 skip that for Soltera <3 13-I Don’t Search I Find 10/10 14-Looking For Mercy 10/10 15-I Rise 9/10 16-Funana 9/10 17-Back That Up To The Beat 7/10 18-Ciao Bella 9/10 19-I Rise (Vinyl Instrumental) 9/10 so it gets a 8,7 in Total for Madame X. For me a Masterpiece, i cannot get enough of this Album. I love it
  10. God it takes ages..still missing the Standard and the Vinyls. Hope they come today
  11. I feel in love with Medellín (Robbie Rivera Juicy Mix) Vogue style in Parts. Awesome

    1. madonner


      Any chance to upload it here


  12. Love that Mix..Medellín (feat. Maluma) [Sak Noel Remix]. sounds Cool!!


    1. Daniel A.A

      Daniel A.A

      I still do not hear it  :cry:

  13. when i bought it i can try @Frank But i will buy it on Saturday.
  14. Ich habe die FNAC Version auf Frankreich gerade bekommen. Ich glaub die Deluxe Box und die 18 Track Deluxe kommt erst morgen :/ Die Vinyl aus den USA bestimmt erst in 14 Tagen. Aber es ist ja noch früh am Nachmittag...also abwarten!
  15. I'm still german: Scheiße von bleibt die Post ;-)
  16. Batuka is great..i love it. It has such a great Sound in HQ. I give it 10/10.. i love the Violin Outro. It's changed the complete structure. A Masterpiece imo!
  17. Flacs sounds awesome!!! God Control sounds amazing
  18. Steffmad

    I never rated the Albums ...cause every Album is a Masterpiece in itself and sound different! So welcome to the World of Madonna
  19. Steffmad

    2 Days to go for my CD's and Vinyl!!!
  20. That is what Forbes think.