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  1. This used to be my playground Promise to try Nothing fails Love tried to welcome me Something to remember
  2. Rehearsals LIVE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTongWkXaro
  3. It's so good to see this pic in a magazine cover
  4. My guesses Girl from Ipanema Faz Gostoso Music
  5. there are some other good pics on it: https://lewisjames.com/madonna-the-celebration-tour
  6. There's this stage sketch in Lewis James site:
  7. I can't believe this tour is almost ending... Time went so fast
  8. After all these shows I still amazed that she included Bad Girl for this tour.
  9. no, it's only saying that 'they are ready for this moment' but since it's a huuuuge event here in Brazil I think we can take the broadcasting as granted, let's see.
  10. haha I'll be a godparent on it and I live faaar away from Rio but that's OK, glad that I attended 6 dates from Celebration tour
  11. So happy for my country!! I'm not going because I'll be in a friend's wedding in the SAME day :( So glad that I was able to see her in Europe
  12. Her site says April 9th and her IG account says April 3rd UPDATE: now her post was corrected
  13. this tour is so amazing. we are so blessed to have her alive, well and presenting such an amazing show.
  14. Her live vocals in these Montreals videos seems more prominent. Love it!
  15. Madame X Tour Drowned World Tour Sticky & Sweet Tour
  16. I'd love to see more pics from Rebel heart era photoshoots. We have just a few
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